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Feb 14, 2012 05:19 AM

Rasika vs. Bombay Club

The Bombay Club has been my "go-to" to celebrate special occasions. From the posts that I've seen lately, though, it seems like most Chowhounders prefer Rasika (which I've yet to try). Is that impression correct? My b-day is in early spring, so I'm eager to get some insights before making my final selection.

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  1. Both are very good really just depends on what type of vibe/scene you want. I think Rasika feels more hip, modern, and energetic. Bombay Club is more subdued and elegant.

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      I have not tried Bombay CLub, but I think I read on CH that no matter how spicy some guests asked for their meal, it was not. I'm quite happy with Rasika and am still working my way thru the menu

      1. re: Elyssa

        This is pretty true, but I'd also say that if you want to have dishes that you won't find anywhere else, then go to Rasika - especially if you are into fish dishes.

        Personally, I like BC better, because the food is on par and it is easier to get in for dinner at. They used to have a chili chicken dish that was really good and spicy, but inexplicably took it off the menu, but BC does a better job of making dishes "somewhat" spicy (no matter how much I tell them I want it very spicy, as spicy as you can make it, it comes out no spicier than an American medium) - except for that chili chicken dish. Rasika just can't make anything spicier than mild.