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Aug 28, 2000 07:28 PM

sandiego help pls

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looking for 2 nites, in san diego combining best food, hottest place, best view etc etc, money no object. thx in adv. mille grazie ciao

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  1. I've been waiting for someone else more qualified than me to answer this because the two years I spent in San Diego I ate mostly in the wonderful ethnic restaurants for reasons of taste and economics.

    The two restaurants that I have heard the most favorable comments about are Anthony's (the one on the bay) and Humphrey's. Anybody else out there know more?

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      Try the clam/shellfish soup (served at dinner only) and a variety of other items at Brockton Villa in Del Mar, another restaurant that overlooks the cove. This is an historic building with large abalone shells set into the walls and fireplace. Service is usually good.

    2. I just returned from San Diego. We ate at Geoges on the Cove in La Jolla and it was marvelous. I'm extremely dubious of restaurants that brag about their views but George's really came through. The service was stellar, the wine superb, the food was terrific and the view is priceless. The seared Ahi Tuna was out of this world.

      I also ate at Sushi Ota on Mission Bay Blvd which was all that it was purported to be and then some. Make sure to make a reservation and the guys at the sushi bar are top notch. Buy them a beer and they'll love you all the more. It's definitely not a "hot spot" in terms of view/location/decor, but if you're serious about raw fish and japanese cuisine, Ota is your place.

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        You did well, Amanda. I forgot George's at the Cove. It is probably the best "nice" restaurant in the area. And Sushi Ohta (sp?) is very good, if also the most expensive sushi bar I went to in San Diego. But for someone from out of town who rarely gets to savor sushi, it'd be a wonderful treat. Excellent fish.