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Pork leg bones? - moved from Los Angeles Board

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I'm trying to make a recipe I found online for tonkotsu ramen. I just did my first attempt, and the results were incredibly disappointing. The soup was brown from the onions, and not creamy-looking at all, and the majority of the collagen in the bones did not dissolve. Also, it didn't really taste like anything in particular.

So obviously I have to start from scratch, on a limited budget at that. So, my question- does anyone know if pork shanks would be sufficient for the recipe, or do I need to get my hands on a whole roast? Because the shanks are the closest thing I've found thus far...

And is it because I need to cut the bones in half that nothing dissolves? I'm thinking I need to get the shanks cut in half along with the trotters- and I'm not sure that the chicken bones I'm using [backs and necks] are sufficient.

In case anyone wondered, the soup /smells/ good, but still doesn't taste like anything.

Also, the recipe is here: http://norecipes.com/blog/2009/12/30/...

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  1. Seems like the recipe is not calling for enough bones. I would think that you would need more bones.