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Aug 28, 2000 03:23 PM

Stardust Donuts-Imperial Beach San Diego

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Out from NY for a friends wedding, staying in Coronado, we headed down Route 75 into Imperial Beach and discovered Stardust Donuts, a little donut shack on the highway run by an aging surfer/hippie type. They had maybe five kinds of donuts and cinammon rolls. Very good old fashioned donuts, nice glaze, good texture. But amazing cinammon rolls, hot, perfect balance of sugar and cinammon, not too doughy, each bite was heaven. Went back the next morning at 10:00 a.m. and were told, "I'm sold out for the next 30-40 minutes" Came back in an hour after a really bad diner experience in Coronado and "We're sold out again, I'll have cinammon rolls in ten minutes" This time we waited.

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