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Feb 13, 2012 11:10 PM

Calling all Myrtle Beach chowsters, help!!! ~~SOS~~

Im taking a golf trip with brother&cousins, all of us meeting in Myrtle Beach...should be fun. But if i dont have some good chow worthy spots lined up in advance, i fear they will make me go to Golden Corral or worse, if such a place exists...i just know it! Please help, we are staying thurs-sun and all ive got so far is ProssersBBQ,which looks good for our group. Strictly casual and would like to avoid any chains or hi-end steakhouses, and also need a recommendation on a good place to shop for groceries as we are staying in a condo with a full kitchen and these boys can eat man! We will be there the 2nd wknd in March. Thanks Chowsters......

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  1. Myrtle is huge and there are lots of grocery stores. Where are you staying?

    I recently went to Chive Blossom at Pawley's and liked it a lot. Hopefully, my buddy, LaLa, who lives up there, will see this and make some recs.

    In the meantime, look at this link:

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      We are staying@Myrtlewood Villas, wherever that is......

    2. For my money, Russell's in Murrell's Inlet is hands down the best place to eat great seafood. Very relaxed atmosphere, great service with a fishing lodge feel, and the food is super fresh and expertly prepared. Never been disappointed there.

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        Well,you have one good idea already.Prossers will be perfect for folks who could be tempted by a golden coral.I'll second Russell's (as I always do).Both places are dead on for the target audience.

        Save Russell's for a day when looking for simple quality seafood.Russell will probably meet you at the door,and he can talk trash with the best of them!

        To get to both places head west and hit 17 bypass.It will dump you out back on 17 just north of Murrell's Inlet.Head left on 17 bus.The two places are about 1/2 mile apart.

      2. Thanks to all, Russells&Prossers both look to be right up our alley, cant wait to try both! Also, we have one in our group who is not a golfer, any cool spots to relax near the beach for him, weather permitting? He is an avid reader and, im sure would love a place to have a drink and relax on the days we golf....or any must see sights?

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            Send him to Duck's or Fat Harold's.

            Also, head up to Little River and eat at Snooky's.

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            1. Didnt realize that Prossers isnt open evenings, with late morning tee times all weekend it may be impossible. Was really looking forward to that place, oh well maybe Russells one nite....Does anyone have anything they can share about Carolina Roadhouse?? It is right around the corner from where we stay....

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                I'm pretty sure Prosser's is open until 8:00 Thursday - Saturday. Might want to call to confirm, unless you already have?

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                  We've always enjoyed carolina roadhouse. great steaks. noisy, gets very busy . typically one of the places we enjoy dining at each time we visit mb.

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                    Prossers is open at night wed- sat.
                    i FIND cAROLINA ROADHOUSE to always be good