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Feb 13, 2012 11:08 PM

Really Disappointing Pizza

My wife and I tried Fornino's last night. Turned out to be not the best of choices. Our fresh ricotta with honey appetizer was fine (except for the bread that came with it — far too crusty for us, but the house bread was fine).

Unfortunately, we went on to each order an individual pizza, and that is the disappointing part. Maureen had the Quattro Formaggio (four cheese) pizza, and I had the Vinny Scotto pizza. Both pizzas arrived about ten minutes after we ordered them.

Both pizzas were lukewarm, not hot, a surprise for us both. After a few bites, it became apparent to me that my pizza was a reheated one that had been prepared some time earlier, and possibly even refrigerated in the meantime. When I told Maureen what I thought, she said she had come to the same conclusion about hers.

Seems to me that when a pizza place starts serving reheated pizzas, the end is near. And that is the impression we were left with when we paid our bill and went home.

256 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  1. I'm not surprised. We went there once when they first opened, and never went back. Pretty much the worst pizza I've ever had--more like sauce on a cracker. We were really disappointed as we really liked their pizza in Williamsburg...I don't know why he changed a good thing.

    There was an old thread on Fornino which might have warned you:

    1. I'm sorry to hear of your experience. When Michael Ayoub opened this "branch" of Fornino's, taking over his old Cucina space, he decided to do grilled pizzas and not replicate his Wmsburg pizza oven pizzas. At any rate, Michael's been gone from Fornino's for awhile now and the new owners have tried to revamp the menu, shedding a lot of the small plates in favor of a more traditional appetizer, entree, dessert format. We went once when they took over and had a nice fixed price dinner. Then my wife went with some friends and had another good meal several months ago, but said that it wasn't quite as good nor was it filled with patrons. Then came some of the CH reports and now this. Too bad, as I love the space & would have liked it to succeed. The pizzas, however, were never my favorite and, although I happily eat the grilled ones at Otto in Manhattan, I prefer any of the pizza oven varieties (gas, coal, wood fired) to this type.

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        Hmm, I haven't been in about a year. When did Ayoub leave? I really enjoyed my meals there.