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Feb 13, 2012 10:27 PM

BRAZILIAN FOOD: Where to buy Manioc flour or Feijoada in Vancouver?

First off, I'm am wondering if it's possible to buy Manioc flour anywhere in Metro Vancouver? I am hoping to make Farofa.

Secondly, is there anywhere to get Feijoada in Vancouver?

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  1. From their menu, it looks like Boteco Brasil has feijoada. Been meaning to go since it opened up last summer. Reviews have been alright:

    1. Manioc flour may also be called tapioca flour, here. Available at Galloways Burnaby and Richmond, Famous Foods on Kingsway, some Choices Markets, and at Whole Foods. Also sometimes called Cassava Flour.

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        I know that Manioc is flour is coarser than regular tapioca flour. Do they have coarse tapioca/cassava/manioc flour at these places or is it all fine?

        1. re: ambiguoustraveller

          I know I have seen coarse manioc/tapioca flour. I'll post back when I remember where I saw it.

          1. re: fmed

            Thanks! I look forward to finding out.

      2. Cafe Algarve on 12 Ave at Commercial might ..............