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Feb 13, 2012 07:47 PM

Baie St. Paul

HI fellow hounders!
My partner and I are skiing Le Massif this weekend and staying in Baie St. Paul. Any resto recommendations? I hear that le Mouton Noir is is pretty good, will probably eat there one night, but would like to hear about other places too!


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  1. I had a nice meal there a few weeks ago, they had a really nice pork dish for which the chef is known, very hearty coutnry fare with a refined edge. The restaurant in the Fairmont is about 30mins away and was very nice, as is La pissionaire. Make sure you try the veal somewhere, really special, I've seen Charlevoix veal show up in a few 3* michelin restaurants in Paris.

    There are a few other restaurants on the main street, none that I tried. Have you checked out the "flavor trail"? there is about 15 or so restaurants listed there, the link is on the quebec tourism site. There is also a chocolate shop, Cynthia I believe is the name, that is quite nice and the bakery by the mill just outside of town is my favourite.

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      Thanks for that tdiddy. Will check out the flavour trail! And I'll def be trying out the veal!

    2. I wish I ad seen this a week ago! So sorry. Just got ack from Baue St Oaul and did eat at Mouton Noir....I really wanted to say to eat at L' Estampilles, which is an auberge with a fab French Chef , young and hip and nice and his wife can speak English perfectly....5 courses for $40 or $50, sorry , I forgot. They have reasonable wines...great little bakery I town called La Main Blanche...oh la la

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        Hi Marje! How was your meal at Mouton Noir? We're there for a couple of days, so I'll check out L'Estampilles too. Is it in town? I haven't seen it on the other boards. What did you have there?

      2. Truthfully, it wasn't what it probably usually is, as it was a midweek and slow. Just not inspired, rather overcooked ...and it was freezing inside!

        1. I love talking about Baie st Paul and Quebec region food and there is so little of that on this site ! The Eastern Townships are especially hard to share info and father info.. Qyebec city is a bit easier .

          1. For those of you who can read French :
            Basically some good addresses are: microbrasserie Charlevoix et Saint-Pub, L'orange bistro, Le Rustique and La part des Anges.

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              Merci beaucoup. J'y ai aime! ( mon Francais n'est meme pas passable!)
              Vous avez visite La Main Blanche patisserie et Boulangerie ? C'est fabuleux.