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Feb 13, 2012 07:06 PM

What's for Dinner #128 [old]

OK, I'm off the boards for about a week, and it's taken the entire evening to read through a thread from over a week ago. Super Bowl Sunday is over and done, and I'd hope that you've either finished your leftovers or thrown them in the trash by now.

So, what is everyone cooking?

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  1. With a huge box of mushrooms in the refrigerator not getting any better, I decided to use them in some chicken Marsala. I used a recipe from that had some sage and cream in it, and it was a winner. The recipe calls for reducing some chicken broth, and we had some that my husband made in the pressure cooker using chicken wing tips. When this broth was reduced, it almost turned into a glacé, which made the sauce particularly delicious. A very nice recipe, indeed.

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      wow, sounds wonderful. My fresh sage died and I'm too cheap to buy it at the market. I'm jealous.

      1. ok, but you need to tell everyone on the OLD thread that we're on this new one, or people won't find it. i did it. you also should, when you start a new thread, ask on the OLD thread for the mods to add "OLD" to the title, so people know. we don't want to lose anyone! PLUS, you need to call it the next number! #128. Barbara you're doing it ALL WRONG!! AHHAHAHAHA! don't worry, we'll get it fixed.

        reposting from the old thread...

        Happy V Day, tomorrow, everyone!

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          I know, I know, I know!! Just beat me with a wet noodle, or worse, one that isn't even the least bit al dente......smack that thing over my head and I promise I'll never do it again :)

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            haahaha - oh wow, they changed the whole title! oh well....

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            I do so love your V-Day avatar mc!!! It's so "you"!

          3. Well, I've only really been learning to cook seriously for a little while now, and today there were a couple things I've been wanting to try that I finally got around to. One was baking a loaf of bread; I baked a loaf of olive bread, pretty basic, just with finely chopped olives kneaded into the dough after it's first rising. The other was making my own blue cheese dressing. Being a guy who lives with roommates, I'm not obligated to make regular meals, so I just served the bread with an olive puree to top and served the dressing over iceberg wedges with chopped bacon, apples, and cashews. Very simple, but it was filling, fairly well balanced, and everybody liked it; it was even somehow, the first time one of my roommates had an iceberg wedge salad like that. So I consider it to have all been pretty successful.

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              your "irregular" meal sounds just like what I'd like to eat more of.

              1. re: mariacarmen

                Hah, I didn't really mean regular like that. I meant there are no expectations of me for a full sit down meal or anything. Obviously, it's pretty well rounded- you got a fresh starch, a veggie (lettuce, sure, but also plenty of olives), a fruit, dairy and a small bit of meat. It's got it all. Just more lunch-like than a full dinner.

              2. re: OckhamsFolly

                Sounds very tasty -- lucky roommates!

              3. Spaghetti with meatballs; made the sauce to which I added cooked & well drained Mexican chorizo. So good I think I'll make it this way for pasta from now on! Garden salad on the side with toasted bread.

                1. Love = getting up at 6am when not strictly necessary to get posole fixins in the crock pot at the man's request for dinner tonight, thereby missing a rare chance to sleep in because he (the early riser) has the day off work to fight a traffic ticket he got 18 months ago (!).

                  Manalive, I need some coffee.

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                    That is love! I hope he realizes how lucky he is and that you found some coffee.

                      1. re: ChristinaMason

                        Yep, very sweet of both of you. That sure would have been a great dinner if my slow cooker hadn't burned out sometime during the day without him noticing or me being home. I now have to dump the unsafe-to-eat contents, buy a new slow cooker, refill my stock of dried peppers and hominy, forget this mad craving and anticipation I'd built up, and figure out what kind of unhealthy fatty take-out to get instead.

                        Happy Valentine's Day indeed.

                          1. re: megjp

                            ack! that's terrible! sorry :( it wasn't the circuit that blew, was it?

                            1. re: ChristinaMason

                              I knew CHers would commiserate!

                              It wasn't the circuit; it was the actual element in the pot. Like, it SAID it was turned on but after 10 hours I could easily handle the stoneware insert with bare hands. Ah well, on the bright side I'm going to get a really great new one somewhere this weekend.