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Feb 13, 2012 06:51 PM

Finishing touches needed

My wife and I are heading to Vegas for a short three night trip. I have been reading the posts and searched past articles and thank everyone for their insightful reviews. I could use some help with breakfast recommendations and some lunch ideas. Todd's Pub sounded great but I just wasn't wowed when I looked at the menu. We are not renting a car, so sadly LOS seems out of the picture. We are staying in the place where Sage is located, and was considering the Wicked Spoon as a potential but not sure. I appreciate any suggestions. I was in Vegas solo, back in December and loved L'Atelier so happy to share it with the Mrs. and I also ate at Mesa Grill and enjoyed that as well. We are thinking about Bouchon on Saturday morning as we have an afternoon flight, any thoughts on how early to get there to avoid a line and a long wait? Thanks in advance for any suggestions for finishing touches.

Day 1
light lunch spot - could use a suggestion
Dinner at Sage

Day 2
Milos for Lunch
Dinner at L'Atelier

Day 3
Dinner Le Cirque

breakfast - Bouchon?

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  1. Here's mine for my trip coming up:
    Day 1 - Late lunch at Holstein's or P.U.B (maybe just a quick bite by the pool- staying at Aria as well)
    Pre-Dinner drink and app - Sage
    Dinner - CUT

    Day 2 -
    Brunch - MOZen
    Dinner- Jaleo

    Day 3 -
    Breakfast/Last Meal - Peppermill or Wicked Spoon

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    1. re: danieli10

      The bone marrow flan at CUT is one of those "I must go back there to get that" dishes for me.

      1. re: danieli10

        Thank you for the reply, I appreciate the comparisons and will look up some of the places you listed.

        1. re: danieli10

          Heya danieli10

          I didnt care for Jaleo - and compared to Sage well there is really no comparison

          I would certainly recommend a dinner at Sage over Jaleo if you have not been there before

          1. re: Dapuma

            No chance. I've been to Jaleo and it was excellent. Sage seems pretty ho hum to me and not my speed for a Saturday night. We may hit Sage for a predinner cocktail and app before CUT on Sunday. I like the cocktail list and we are staying at Aria, so it is a good spot to stop into before heading out.

            1. re: danieli10

              I actually think Sage is a lot better than Jaleo. The only dish worthy of being excellent is the paella and the gin and tonic oysters. Other than that, I would head to Julian Serrano for tapas.

              1. re: A5 KOBE

                Yeah, debatable, but I really like it and the atmosphere is way better than JS.

        2. wow, that is almost my exact lineup!!! Except I did Scarpetta instead of L'Atelier. We just returned! For light breakfast/lunch, Jean Phillipe in the Aria has really good coffee, pastries, breakfast sands and lunch sands. Favs: ham/chs croissant, nutella brioche, cheese danish, apple turnover.

          Other favs of trip... Sage: beef tartare, pork and chocolate/caramel pave Le Cirque: squid ink risotto (fav thing ever!), rosemary lemon rolls, butter poached lobster and potato emulsion (yum!), choc souffle

          At Bouchon, Beignets, croque madame, vanilla yogurt and homemade granola !!

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          1. re: lorishea87

            Thank you. I will have to look up Jean Phillipe in Aria.

            1. re: Txtoast

              JP is good but stay away from their savory crepes, they were pretty gross when we were there last

              I would highly recomend their apple topped brioche bread if they have it avaliable - it is pretty amazing

          2. Bouchon is a nightmare on Sat/Sun. Get there early before everyone rises from the dead. Like 8:00-8:30am and you should be fine.

            Day 1 - China Poblano and grab some tacos and dim sum for the light lunch. I like the Mexican food better than the Chinese though.

            Day 2 - Breakfast at Tower Suite Cafe in the Wynn (used to be Tableau)

            Day 3 - Mozen or Payard for breakfast, Mozen is a bit more pricey though. I think we spend $45pp there. PJ Clarkes or Tower Suite Cafe for dungeness crab club sandwich.

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            1. re: A5 KOBE

              Been to Bouchon many times around 9:15-9:30 on Sunday and it's not bad crowd-wise. Never had to wait for a table. It does get pretty busy by the time we're leaving though.

              1. re: A5 KOBE

                Thanks for the reply. I will need to take a look at Mozen since you also mentioned them. In my December trip - work related- I did get a chance to eat at Payard. Also, thanks for the heads up on Bouchon, I was concerned that based on the number of mentions, that it was very popular and as a result, meant the potential for long lines.

                1. re: Txtoast

                  The Verandah at the Four Seasons. Best coffee (no better way to start your day), expertly prepared selections (Huevos Rancheros should be in the "Breakfast Hall of Fame"), setting is as nice as ANY in Vegas. Pricey, yes, but rather pay for quality and consistancy than fight the crowds. My #1 place for breakfast (and I'll be there tomorrow morn, can't wait!).

                  1. re: Txtoast

                    Have you gone yet- I'm looking at many of these same places for my trip this weekend :-)

                    1. re: cactuschowdah

                      Just returned and will report back shortly.

                      1. re: cactuschowdah

                        Our trip starts next week. Sorry for not getting back sooner to reply. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your stay and dining there.

                  2. We're leaving for Vegas Friday and also planning to hit Bouchon either Saturday or Sunday, appreciate the advice on how early to arrive! If you're looking for a light breakfast one of the other days you could swing by the Bouchon to go counter and pick yourself up some pastries. I also really like Taqueira Canonita in the Venetian, you could try that as a lunch option.

                    1. So I just got back- the only Chow-worthy places we hit were Bouchon and Holsteins.

                      Bouchon- great food, good service, didn't have to wait at all for a table at 9:45 am on a Saturday. The chicken and waffles were awesome, and they have great coffee and bloody marys. This place is definitely in my rotation for breakfast when I'm in Vegas from now on.

                      Holsteins- I get the sense that people kind of poo-poo this place a bit given its trendy location, but this was now my second time, and the burger (gold standard) was just as awesome as the first one I had a few months back. If you're looking for a top-flight burger, go here. As an added bonus, they have "adult" milkshakes which are insane- I had a "birthday cake"- vanilla ice cream, bits of cake batter and sprinkles, with cake-flavored vodka (don't ask me how they pull that one off). It was great.

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                      1. re: cactuschowdah

                        Well this is my itenerary for march trip(so far) based on research/past trips (staying at mgm)

                        Landing day: dinner at Fiamma (love the calamari with banana peppers) and shortrib, the surf and turf was also great on previous trip, great strong cocktails too

                        Day 2: milos lunch special, dinner at latelier (firsts)

                        Day 3 Tacos el gordo probly afternoon cause obviously party time by day 2,probably do adobadas, tripe, and head.. maybe brain, and adobadas again by the sounds of it. Then hopping around ceasers doing happy hour at like sushi roku, trevi and palm for drink and food specials

                        Day 4 secret pizza in the afternoon, and public house for dinner, their menu looks great to snack on, maybe try the burger and some brews

                        Day 5: lotus of siam must have dishes appearantly: nam prik ong, nam kao tod, drunken noodles with sea bass./ freestyle

                        Last day before takeoff: Mon Ami Gabi to try the scallops and hanger steak probably

                        best lineup ever? me thinks, will see, will post back after march 24, and probably ad pics on yelp

                        may shoehorn in mesa to try the shrimp and grits tamales

                        1. re: vegasvactioner

                          If you have room/flexibility for brunch, I can't recommend Bouchon enough- it will be a fixture for all future Vegas trips for me. Enjoy and let us know how things go!

                          1. re: cactuschowdah

                            Oh man, me too on Bouchon. Somehow we skipped it on both our previous two trips, this time we went Saturday and loved it so much we went back on Monday. I'd call it a must-do.

                            1. re: baderin

                              bouchon > mon ami gabi? for steak frites? I guess i could divert the scallop dish to pastry, or just do both ..

                              1. re: vegasvactioner

                                My girlfriend had some egg sandwich concoction for brunch and it came with a huge pile of frites. They were delicious- we had to throw a napkin over the plate to stop eating them. So I don't know about the steak part of the equation, but the frites were awesome. I haven't been to Mon Ami in several years, but this meal was better than anything I can remember.

                                1. re: cactuschowdah

                                  The funny thing is that Bouchon actually uses frozen fries but prepares them extraordinary.

                                  Steak frites at Bouchon is ten times better than Mon Ami Gabi. The melted onions alone is better than anything they serve at Mon Ami Gabi.