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Feb 13, 2012 06:12 PM

Carne Seca de Res

Anyone know where to get good carne seca de res here in town? This is the shredded dried beef that you make machacado eggs with. We have seen it at Fiesta for a very high price, but I'm wondering if there are any other places to try.

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  1. The HEB at Rutland and Lamar just had a huge expansion, and they have a carneceria. Just FYI

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      I looked at that soon after it opened and some of the meats on display were those "Value Cuts" that the "Third-World" HEB's"(*) carry. Some of it would grade lower than USDA select, if it were graded at all (they don't bother grading anything under USDA Select). The short ribs were normally trimmed and cut and looked to be a pretty good deal at $1.50. It's pretty hard screw those up. I didn't buy anything as I live too far away to get it home in reasonable time.

      The deli wasn't quite finished being remodeled, IIRC. Is that now serving tacos and whatnot?


      (*) Stealing the term assigned to that HEB by Werner of

    2. I've seen it at a few Mexican markets (The La Hacienda's and Michochana's) but the packages look old and the contents kinda decrepit. Small and expensive, as you noted. I get the impression its not a very good seller. But when you consider it's dehydrated, that's 80% of it's weight in water removed - just like jerky. So that explains it's ridiculous price.

      At home, braise a chunk of chuck in spices of choice until tender and shred with fork. Low oven (200F) for a few hours, then vac-freeze in small packages. Just a guess - never tried it myself.