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Feb 13, 2012 06:03 PM

Can anyone identify this Kitchenaid mixer accessory, please?

We inherited a KitchenAid mixer and, for the life of us, cannot figure out what this accessory is. Nor did we find it in manual or on the website. Thanks!

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  1. Taking a guess, looks like a pasta attachment, maybe to make tube pasta like penne?

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    1. re: angelo04

      I owned a pasta extruder at one time. The round white items look EXACTLY like the various extrusion dies that were included.

    2. Looks like a cookie press, based on the shapes of the plates. But how to get the shaped dough onto a cookie sheet is the sticky part.

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      1. re: breadchick

        So, I put my glasses on, and it doesn't look like a cookie press. It does look like a pasta extruder, as suggested by angel04.

      2. Pasta plates. I'm pretty sure...with the plunger to get the dough into the hopper but the hopper (or whatever it is) isn't there.
        If you look at the link Ican't edit this post to include the picture) the white "hopper thingee" is attached to the front of the kitchenaid. Your pasta is fed into it. The plates fit on the front of it. The plastic pusher is used to push the pasta dough into the hopper, where it is extruded out through the plate to form your pasta. The one with the round holes is spaghetti, the flat holes are for linguini, the double holed ones are for macaroni. The metal toothpick thing is to help you clean out the plates.
        Here's a picture, looks just like what you posted...

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        1. re: freia

          this one - I think they may be from the older extruder, which I think was actually used with the meat grinder attachment. The new extruder has its own hopper but I don't think that is how it was originally.

          Is the meat grinder in a box somewhere? I think those plates fit on the end.

          Edit - here is the older version on a blog site (just found it via google but will show you the old extruders)

          1. re: thimes

            Yup, that's what it is. I received one as a gift. I use the grinder often, but this thing, once. I suppose I should try it again.

          2. re: freia

            What a coincidence. Just yesterday, I discovered my old Kitchenaid "Spaghetti/Noodle Maker' set in a lower cabinet, and noticed in tiny letters underneath that it is also a meat grinder; those plates are metal and wrapped in brown paper. I got this as a gift many many years ago and remember the pasta plates not working very well, as they clogged up quickly, despite the needle like tool they gave you to clear the holes. I have a hand cranked Atlas so never really used. But the meat grinder is something I should have played with long ago. If you have metal plates that's what they are. (I have the instruction book too if that helps) Oh and my pusher thingy is wood, looks like new but boy is it old.

            Now that I think of it, I feel like I did use the meat grinder and it clogged up pretty bad too. I'm still going to give it a try sometime soon. I think it said to use with frozen meat.

            1. re: coll

              The meat should only be partially frozen and not solid, or you can damage the motor. Cut the meat into almost 1 inch strips and lay out on a cookie sheet. Put into the freezer for up to 30 minutes. The meat will grind much easier and less likely to clog up.

              1. re: AntarcticWidow

                Thanks, it did say that about the 1 inch strips and freeze for 30 minutes, I do remember. My problem is I'm bad at following directions exactly. But I promise I will this time!

                1. re: coll

                  Its not just that, because I grind meat all the time with my Kitchenaid have to look at removing silverskin and large pieces of stringy fat from anything you want to grind. That's the stuff that gets wrapped around the grinder worm and clogs things up, in my experience.

                  1. re: freia

                    Yeah when I first got this I was an amateur in the kitchen, hopefully I can handle it better now. I;m starting to get grossed out by grocery chop meat, by the price as much as the meat itself. Always wanted to try making burgers out of brisket.

          3. Thanks, everyone, for your help! We will give it a try (probably one and done, but who knows).