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Feb 13, 2012 05:12 PM

Need restaurant near Century City but not the most expensive restaurants

Need a restaurant in Century City/Beverly Hills that's good but not as expensive as the places usually recommended i.e. Cut, Mastros, Craft etc.

There are lots of other restaurants around like Cafe Roma that while not making anyone's top ten list; they're not bad either. This is for a visiting New Yorker who already has access to great I'm looking for places that might be more unique to LA. I'm thinking about Frida's (Dan Tanas is too crowded and uncomfortable) or restaurants more in that type price range. $50 per person is what I'm looking to spend.

Help! There have to be more good little restaurants around this town!!

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    1. re: Servorg

      respectfully disagree with the recommendation of Carmine's

      1. re: westsidegal

        Agree with comments about Carmines. Thumbs down.

    2. There's a very good Italian restaurant in the mall (don't let the location fool you) called Obika.
      Run by Italians. I like it a lot. Not fancy...but a nice patio. And great mozarella that they fly in from Italy a couple of times a week. Nice selection of Italian wines. Though there is one in New York.
      How about Pizzeria Mozza?

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        1. re: westsidegal

          This restaurant is what I clicked on the post to mention. I've only been there once, but I was impressed. I had an Italian waiter who was genuine and serious about the food quality. There's one in Tokyo as well.

          1. re: AlkieGourmand

   has a deal for Obika. Pay $10.00 get 30% off your bill.

            1. re: trojans

              AGREE on the Obika rec! Fabulous!

        2. re: perk

          Obika is not exactly a restaurany; it describes itself as a mozarella bar. And the cheeses are quite good, as are the meats that may go with them, but it is certainly not a restaurant with a well-rounded menu. (I was surprised to see it recommended.) It was awesome when it opened a couple of years ago and has gone steadily downhill since then, much to my dismay. I have gone from a regular lunch patron to a very occassional diner, and have never been pleasantly surprised.

          1. re: magiccat

            i went there twice during the latest DINELA weeks.
            the food was terrific both times.
            (fwiw, I DO think it is a restaurant.
            their menu is "rounded" enough for me.)

              1. re: magiccat

                I agree. I don't know if it's the quality of the ingredients or their preparation, but I've always left just a little disappointed.

            1. Toscanova in the CC mall is very nice. Had a delicious Branzino, wonderful calamari (grilled) and arugula salad to start, partner had swordfish carpaccio to start. Wine just fine. Saw some beautiful pizzas and pastas go by. The place was packed on a Saturday night. But the service and food were great. I asked for no oil on the side of steamed spinach, and got just what I asked for. The spinach was really fresh, and plentiful. Not the most expensive place, by far.

              I think this is a great go-to place.

              1. Cafe Roma is horrible. Frida is a nice choice. There is an outstanding little Italian on little Santa Monica and Roxbury called Il Forno Caldo. Very quaint. Great chicken, pastas and pizza. The lamb shank is incredable. Service is very good and there is a magician from Magic Castle who ofter entertains the tables. Nice wine list too.

                1. The Six
                  on Pico just east of Overland

                  we also like Frida
                  on South Beverly Drive

                  Il pastaio
                  on North Beverly Drive (very LA scene-y)

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                  1. re: msmd310

                    Another recommendation for Il Pastaio. Note, that it is located on North Canon Drive. (corner of Brighton and Canon). Make reservations. Great food and ambiance. Casual and fun