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Feb 13, 2012 04:34 PM

Bier Markt - Review (King St. W.)

Today I met up with a couple of friends for lunch and we decided to check out Bier Markt near King and Bathurst.

As you walk in, dimmed lights mix with the street view to create a nicely lit atmosphere. European decor lines the walls along with a few amusing kitschy items—including a painting of Adam and Eve enjoying a pint. Thankfully Bier Markt pulls it off with a wink in their eye.

The place was not overly crowded, but that's to be expected of a spot specializing in beer (we went around 1, after all). I can see it becoming a totally different venue during dinner and after work.

I was kind of overwhelmed by the selection of beers so I ended up with an Erdinger, a wheat beer with a sweet edge. It was good. The selection is huge and will probably satisfy most beer-lovers out there.

Bier Markt's food is way better than you would expect from traditional pub fare, though it can run a little on the pricey side. I ordered an ABT (Avocado, Bacon, Tomato) with a side of chips. The ABT was a real standout. It was served on a ciabatta bun, which immediately makes any sandwich better in my mind. A light avocado spread worked well with the drier chicken breast and bread. Oh, and the chips weren't too greasy while still retaining a good degree of crispiness.

Overall, my lunch portion was generously sized and could've passed off as dinner. No complaints about the service, though I can't speak for the after-work rush.

I didn't get to visit the place at night, but now I'm interested in paying another visit. Bier Markt is definitely "earmarked" for my next outing; a solid 4 out of 5.

Bier Markt
, Mississauga, ON L5B, CA

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  1. Appreciate the review.
    Did you get any inkling as to what their Fondue Special that they have going at the moment might be like?

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    1. re: AzulH

      I believe they're running something called the "Fondue Feastivul" until the 26th. More info on the varieties here:

      My friend tried the Monsieur Und Fondue and loved it, but said from experience that they can be hit or miss.

      1. re: monkeyboy7

        I guess our fondue tonight at the Don Mills location was the miss, because it was just plain bad. The so called Brie & Lobster had a few flecks of actual lobster in it, and the cheese tasted like bland cheddar.

        The mushroom soup was barely warm, and loaded with sediment from unproperly washed mushrooms. My wife's Ahi Tuna was flavourless. The only decent dish was my Kobe beef burger, done perfectly to med rare. Too bad the frites were limp and soggy.

        I was hoping the 6 small glass sampler tray had more unique beers that you can't get at local stores, but most of them I had already tried from the LCBO just down the block.

        Their Grimbergen was a thing of beauty (first time trying it). Can't remember if it was the Optimo Bruno or Dubbel?

    2. Just an alright beer selection, lots of beers but hardly any craft beers.

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      1. re: Jakis

        Bunch of us went there for Summer Luvin day on May 20th and destroyed a Shellebration Boil and heaps of oysters (some of which were free) and two loaves of crusty bread and 1/2 lb of cheeses and of course we drank lots of bier. It was hot that day and the Hertog Jan was flowin for the men, while the women drank Radler
        Radler is beer and grapefruit juice and I must say it goes especially well with Lobster and shrimp and the rest of the shellfish on the menu. The Shellebration Boil was $50 and great value. Comes with a whole lot of weird looking surgical tools . made me wonder how much of that specialized cutlery the restaurant chain has to store just to be able to serve shellfish special once a year.?