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Feb 13, 2012 04:32 PM

freezing doughs

i live with my mother and often, it is NOT calorically logical to make an entire batch of baked goods to share between two people. i love making cookies, pizza dough, rolls, and the like. but, some times i dont have time to bake the same day i make a dough. can i freeze dough? are there considerations to be taken into account when deciding to freeze?

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  1. I freeze pizza dough. I spray inside of ziplock bags with oil spray and store enough dough for a single pizza. I then thaw and use. So far have had no problems.

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    1. Oatmeal cookie dough freezes well: I spray a piece of foil with oil, drop 6 cookie sized balls, then roll up the foil around. I do several and put them into a large freezer zip loc. the foil is sized for my toaster oven, I just take them out, smooth the foil, put on the toaster oven tray and cook until done. No thawing necessary.

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        the dough balls don't stick? well, does it really matter if they stick, you can just separate them before baking right?

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          Spraying the foil with PAM or similar spray keeps them from sticking. I fold the foil around the cookie drops so they don't stick to each other before they freeze.

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            you can portion and put on a cookie sheet to freeze. once frozen put in a ziploc and sticking is no longer an issue. i do this with all sorts of foods.

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            Another idea I just saw was putting cookie dough drops into ice cube trays, then once frozen you can just put into ziploc bags.

        2. yes, most doughs freeze well. Cookie dough is a no brainer - freeze away.

          Yeast doughs also freeze well, I let them rise once, punch them down and freeze. You will need to let them come to room temp and rise again before shaping and final proof. I will often leave them on the counter when I leave in the morning and depending on how big a piece of dough (and how cold your house is) it is usually okay when I get home (at least in the summer).

          Many breads also freeze well baked. So if you make rolls you can easily freeze extras. I recommend freezing them that night after they have cooled as the fridge "kills" bread pretty quickly.

          Freeze away.

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          1. I definitely do freeze pizza dough. I have always wrapped in saran, wrapped again in foil, and placed in a plastic bag. I don't know if that's overkill but that's what my mother always did. Works for me too.

            I like to take it out at least 1.5 days in advance- I thaw in the fridge for a day and then like to move to the counter the morning I want to use it. If the dough is too cold, it is very hard to stretch/roll out without tears.

            1. In addition to freezing cookie dough balls (works well for all cookie dough I've tried), you could roll it in a log, wrap tightly and freeze. Then cut when you want to bake. You can do it from frozen and bake. Also, when I use ziplock bags, I put a straw in the corner and suck out the air and then finish sealing. For bread dough, I remove the night before, let it sit in the refrigerator overnight and then continue.