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Feb 13, 2012 04:07 PM

keeping roasted red bell peppers

Most of you here probably know that I'm always looking for budget-friendly foods. Well, today Sprouts had big, beautiful red bell peppers 3/$1.00! I'd like to roast them on the grill, then deseed and slice them. Can I store them in the refrigerator in a glass jar covered with olive oil and maybe a few cloves of garlic? If so, any idea how long they'd keep this way? My freezer is pretty stuffed right now, plus I'd worry freezing them after roasting would change the texture.

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  1. Nice price. Saturday I paid $1.89 each for 2. I suppose the oil would suppress mold growth, but it may also affect texture and flavor. The jarred ones like Mancini grow mold alarming fast. My frozen Hatch chilies - roasted, peeled, and de-seeded - don't take up much freezer space in lots of small Zip-locks.

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      I'd be a little concerned about storing them in olive oil, especially with the garlic, for any length of time.

      I've had good luck freezing roasted red peppers. I de-seed them (I actually do that before roasting) and cut them into strips or pieces. Then I layer them with parchment or wax paper and put them in a ziploc bag. They keep for a looong time that way.

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        I always do them with oil and garlic. No issues at all and they are delicious.

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          I think the poster you responded to might have concerns about botulism. Raw garlic stored in oil in the fridge or at room temperature can eventually harbor botulism. And you would not know it by smell or look.

    2. Sprouts on Hulen? I need to get there fast! Thanks, Barbara.

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        Sprouts in Southlake. I didn't see them in their weekly ad either, so I think it must be a manager's special.

      2. My wife water bath cans them and they last forever on the shelf. Every summer when the local farm markets have bulk sales we do tomatoes and roasted peppers as well as a few other things, but the toms and peppers get used most during the year.

        I second the concern with the garlic and olive oil, an airless environment like olive oil and no acid like in a salad dressing allows the garlic to grow botulism. Unless you're going for a home botox business, stay away.

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          You can store vegetables in oil in the fridge without worry. Botulism can't grow below 40F. What you are remembering is people would put garlic cloves in oil and then leave that on the shelf unrefrigerated. That has been implicated in botulism, not refrigerated items. It's perfectly fine to store them in the fridge in oil.

          I preserve a lot of food and peppers tend to get mushy when canned. However, roasted and frozen works much better. Or in oil in the fridge.

          1. re: momskitchen

            I used to always put them in oil, garlic and parsley in the fridge, but after 2 or 3 weeks if any was left I'd have to toss....when the jarful started bubbling, and the peppers started getting mushy. Now, I roast them, peel and deseed, and freeze in layers on wax paper; when you need some for a rice dish or whatever, just break off hunks. It doesn't take up much room, I just lay them flat in a Ziploc bag.

            I can't stand raw bell pepper and used to skip it when called for, so this is a good thing. If you want to serve it in oil, just take out a few hunks, defrost and pat dry, then marinade for a couple of days before serving. You can't tell the difference, and no waste.

            They've been 99 cents a lb lately here, so I am all stocked up til the garden gets going.

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              Wow, I thought garlic would be safe in olive oil, I'm very lucky. Ive been put raw garlic in my olive oil bottle that I leave on the counter top next to my stove for months at a time. I use it for cooking and bread dipping. I won't do that anymore! I have found some very helpful info here, looks like freezing or refrigerating the roasted peppers in olive oil is the best way to store peppers.

            2. I actually did a search and found this post because I have the same situation. Sprouts again has red peppers 3/$1.00 so I'd like to roast mine (in the oven, no gas stove) and store them for use 2ish weeks from now, and probably also freeze some to use further down the road. I'm guessing just in a ziploc bag in the fridge would be fine for the 2 weeks? Anybody have any additional input about that? Would it be better to go ahead and make the sauce I'd like to make with them now, and then freeze it? It's a cream based sauce so I'm not sure that would be great to freeze.

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                Those red peppers will be on sale through next Wednesday - this is the second week for that price. So, if you can - just wait till then to buy them. I usually keep roasted peppers with a small amount of oil and thinly sliced garlic in the fridge for a week or so. If you choose, you can omit the garlic till the day before use, so there's no worry of the peppers getting too strongly flavored.

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                  I already bought them :( I don't actually live near a Sprouts so I just go there when I'm close by. I'm thinking I might roast them up, puree, and then just freeze the puree. The sauce I am interested in making has that as one of the first steps anyway.

                  And yes they've been on sale for awhile. I bought these MONSTER ones there a few weeks back to use in a sausage and peppers pasta dish, they were literally like 8-9" long.

              2. I would be concerned about the staying power of something that has been so heavily handled (in the deseeding process), and garlic in oil is known to bee a good breeding ground for botulism.

                I did see some food bloggers who claim great success in freezing roasted peppers, but I have never tried it....I like the idea, though.