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Feb 13, 2012 03:48 PM

Weekend in Montreal - DNA late night dinner & need cheap breakfast and lunch recommendations

My husband and I are going to Montreal for a weekend trip. We have a reservation at Le Clube Chasse et Peche on Friday for dinner. We're thinking of doing the late night dinner ($49 for 3 courses) at DNA - good plan? We figure it will be lots cheaper than the regular menu. Does anyone know if it's a limited menu or in any way inferior to an earlier table (other than fewer people)?

Also, we don't have plans for breakfast or lunch on Saturday and Sunday. We'd like to go on the cheaper side. We're very adventurous and would love to hear people's favorite places.


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  1. After 10 menus in Montreal I think are all a limited menu, although I haven't been for DNA's new late night deal. I think you can expect to have some options for each course, but not the full run of the menu. I would imagine that it's only inferior if you find something on the normal menu that you really need to have, but otherwise its just good economical sense. Also, don't necessarily expect fewer people - they only offer this deal on Friday and Saturday nights and 10pm is a pretty standard dining hour (for instance, I was offered a table at 11:30pm tomorrow night at a not particularly popular bistro when I called to reserve just now). DNA is probably the best choice for adventurous eaters, so I think you'll be happy there, though one thing to remember is that their wine list is rather pricey. Although its always possible to order by-the-glass the cheapest bottles typically start well above what I'd normally spend. Based on my experience, as a couple you might expect to double your $45 deal. This is clearly how they can offer such a sharp discount on food.

    For breakfast it really depends what you mean by cheaper. Lemeac and Lawrence are both great, but most things on the menu are 'brunch expensive' (about $15). But you could also go the opposite route - buy some 65 cent st. viateur bagels in Mile End and grab a coffee at nearby Olimpico.

    1. This questions is very timely as I was just thinking about the same thing (the DNA after 10 menu) for our honeymoon in MTL early this summer - im going to get around to a longer post asking for recommendations/itinerary checks eventually.

      in line with Saracd's question, i wouldnt be surprised at all to find the late night diner menu to be somewhat limited, but my experience here in NYC has been that the set-menu/limited choice "deals" rarely are. A lot of them include just the most boring/basic menu choices (often an unispired salad or soup as the only first course choices, lots of chicken etc for mains). As DNA doesnt even have a menu posted for their regular menu, its really hard to tell what the late night option would be - I assume its not the only option at that late hour but even that is not explicitly stated on their website. Would love to hear from someone who had been and tried the after 10 menu.

      As a corollary to that question, is there a site similar to menupages in NYC which posts restaurant menus even of places that dont put menus or prices on websites?

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        DNA updates the ingredients list on their website regularly. The menu changes constantly, so seeing a past menu might only give you a vague idea about how much the average plate costs (although this can probably be deduced via Yelp or something). I should note that Montreal is notorious for the lack of online information by/about restaurants. The Yelp/trip advisor reviews are mostly derived from travellers.
        As for the limited menu, I really don't think DNA will offer just the boring choices from the regular menu. Maybe the most expensive options won't be available (or will incur an extra charge), but I think there would be a variety of exciting things offered. Hopefully someone who has actually done both the before- and after-10 menus will be able to verify that I'm not just talking out of my ....

      2. as for breakfasts there are nice and reasonable places but it might be easier to tell us what part of city you are staying as not really worth running all over city for breakfast.
        Also there is a breakfast site that you might also want to consult
        using keys such as price range and location

        1. Assuming that you're staying in old montreal by your picks, id say olive et gourmando for breakfast.old montreal is very quiet in the morning, not a lot happening so maybe its worth venturing to a different neighborhood like the plateau or little burgundy. On notre dame st near atwater market you can find toi moi et cafe, burgundy lion's pub and one other one i can't remember right now.