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Feb 13, 2012 03:47 PM

Most notables near London Victoria? (and also Trafalgar Sq.).... [London]

Hey better half is off to the city on business the next few days, and wondered if I could get a few recs for near her hotel at Thistle Westminster. I have rec'd her Quilon....but that's all I know about in the area. Restaurants are the main need....but any foodie stops at all in the area would be good to know about.

Also, she will be having a few meetings near Traf. a good place to get a bite there would be most welcome also.

Thanks again!

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  1. The Goring Hotel is only a few minutes walk from The Thistle. It's where Kate stayed immediately before her wedding to Prince William:

    There's an excellent dining room, but I guess it may be a little muted for a solo (?) diner.

    Another 10 minute walk gets you to The Ebury Wine Bar, at the junction of Ebury and Elizabeth Streets:

    Very nice atmosphere, without being frantic. Also a lot less £££ that The Goring.

    1. When I worked in Victoria my favourite spot was Olivo's on Eccleston St but it's been a very long time since I went there. There are two other outposts nearby, Oliveto's for pizza and a seafood place (can't remember the name of that one though).

      Near Trafalgar Square is Les Deux Salons and Terroirs, both of which are excellent choices.

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        I have been to Oliveto's a couple of times for pizza over the years. I can recommend it and would certainly go again.

      2. Sekara is a pretty good Sri Lankan restaurant near Victoria.

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          The Phoenix is a decent gastropub tucked away behind Cardinal Place (the glass fronted shopping/restaurant complex next to where Billy Elliott is playing, and just across the road from Victoria station).

          Not eaten there in a few years but menu generally looks good and she will certainly get a nice glass of wine and a nice welcome in there, plus good standard of pub grub if she's having a solo dinner.

          Alternatively, there's also Bank Westminster:

          Part of the Bank chain, and housed in a hotel on Buckingham Gate. I used to work in the area and it was generally the first choice for client lunches (due to its convenience and the fact it was pretty consistently good). Quite a varied fusion menu there but she'll get a decent steak and a good glass of wine - plus it would safe bet for meetings as its lunchtime clientele is basically made up entirely of people having business meetings!

          Trafalgar Square recommendation:

          Albannach is a Scottish place, has a huge range of whiskies and good Scottish food on the menu. It's more about good burgers than gourmet dining, so might be a bit too casual for client meetings but it's quite a fun place to go for a drink and a bite to eat.

          Short hop down from Trafalgar Square on to the Strand you have got Simpsons In the Strand, One Aldwych, and of course The Savoy if she wants something more high-end. There's also The Delauney a bit further down at Aldwych. One Aldwych aside, not eaten at any of these yet but heard good things about the grill at The Savoy and sure there will be some reviews of the others on here if she wants a more detailed low down.

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            I interpreted the OP as looking places for his lady to grab a bite to eat ebtween meetings alone, rather than taking out clients; if this is the case I wouldn't suggest Albannach as being suitable for a single lady as it's always been packed full of men when I've been there! Might have misunderstood though :)

        2. Thanks everyone! She had what she described as a very nice meal/drinks in the Pheonix (thx Trixibelle!)....and was very enthused by the friendliness of the staff. I tried to get her to also checkout Les Deux Salons....but she had some shopping to do in Selfridges so slunk into MeatLiquor for a Dead Hippie! Tsk tsk....and without her darling husband too! ;)

          Thank again all....