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Feb 13, 2012 02:40 PM

Stamford recs please

We have tickets to Curtain Call Theater this Friday night. I know there are lots of good places for dinner, but would like to hear of any particularly good experiences. Thanks in advance

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  1. What type of food are you looking for? there are so many choices in Stamford! Narrow it down a little!

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      Sorry, I guess that would help. I have had my fill of Asian of late, a little twist that my SO is a vegetarian. But otherwise open

    2. Curtain Call is on the northside of town, pretty much a culinary wasteland. The best restaurants are downtown, so allow about 20 minutes travel time from the restaurant to the theatre.

      Top restaurant is Napa and Company, with Chef Arikson working magic on American farm to fork menu. Stamfordis also known for Italian, and Columbus Park, Aria, Emme of Capri are great. City also boasts terrific Indian: Tawa and Coramandel lead the pack, and there is a vegitarian Navaratna downtown. If ou like Greek: Eos best in FFD County. For Tapas: Barcelona. Pan Latin and South American, try Brasitas,t, but not downtown and about 5 minutes further from the theater. There's about 70 other choices downtown, but these are the standouts.

      My top recs are Napa or Columbus Park.

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        Great choices, make a reservation!

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          Thanks! I have been to
          Columbus Park but it slipped my mind. I am thinking Eos...grilled octopus!

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            The loukaniko appetizer at Eos is tremendous.

            1. Zaza, a relatively new local entry (a changing menu of partners owns a few other local venues, including Pizzaria Molto in Fairfield, the sister restaurant to Zaza). Very casual, extra special good tapas menu, very friendly service. Many rave about Napa, but imho it is a tad overrated. Eos is good, upscale Mediterranean (Greek). But Zaza is a fun, stylish venue in the heart of downtown, with ample parking in back.

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              1. re: dinerfan

                I've never been to ZaZa and Im waitin on a review from a reliable source that knows food to wait to go there.

                1. re: Glee5

                  I am not a fan of ZaZa at all. Food was fair at best and the white wines are warm. They are opening a new place in the old Paradise space soon..... Italian Cuban vibe and hopefully much better. For Italian food, I would suggest Aria or Columbus Park right now.

                  1. re: taboo

                    I figured that ZaZa was going to be SUB-PAR! That is why I was very reluctant to spend money in that place. I've also never been to Aria. What do you give it on a scale of 1-10? Also if ZaZa is SUB-PAR then so will be their new spot. You have to remember that even if the place changes the managerial and operational aspects remain the same.

                    1. re: Glee5

                      People, please... It's a great local tapas joint, even if they don't warm their whites, or cool their reds..
                      This is Stamford, people. This is a downtown venue and a good addition to the not-so-stellar local scene.. For the love of god, we're not Manhattan here.

                    2. re: taboo

                      Zaza's is pretty good for what it is - a bar / tapas joint. It's great for a casual/semi-casual eat with friends and family, some of their dishes are a bit hit or miss - but their lamb chops are exceptional.

                  2. re: dinerfan

                    After a terrible start, Bar Rosso has been sold to Giovanni Gentile and he's been getting raves in the press and blogs, especially the pizza. Tawa has excellent cheeses and small plates. I think their mozzie is served too cold.

                    1. re: stamfoodie

                      Stamford has tons of pizza places and Giovanni has been successful in making Capriccio stand out so I hope Bar Rosso becomes a viable pizza option in Stamford.

                      1. re: Glee5

                        Good news. My one visit there was not so satisfying. Confirmed my judgement on Napa.