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Jul 21, 2000 11:47 PM

Quick Report from my Santa Monica visit

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I just got back from Santa Monica (3 nights) and have this to report for all the chowhounds. I ate @ The Hump for Sushi at the S.M. airport as recommended by someone on this board, can't rememebr who. The Hump places on my top 10 list for Sushi (along w/ Shiros in Seattle and Sasabune in Honolulu). Great flavors, good ideas w/out going over the top. As Doug Macarthur said, I shall return. I also went to the Plams branch of Guelaguetza. I don't think that it is the equal of the 8th St/Koreatown L.A. branch. The tamale I had as an appetizer was very good but..the Mole Negro was thin and weak. Maybe it was an off night. I'll go back and give it another shot next trip to SM but I loved the branch on 8th St. Friends took me to Lotus garden for Chinese in the Marina. Not worth a detour or even a discussion.

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