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Feb 13, 2012 01:04 PM

Local Chow on the tube

I had lunch today at Simply Khmer in Lowell. While chatting with the counter guy, he mentioned that the Bizarre Foods America episode filmed there over the summer airs tonight. I think O ya, Clio and Island Creek also get some time.

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    1. I normally don't care for Zimmern (or most food-TV programming, for that matter), but I'm DVRing this episode.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        I watched this last night and thought they did a very good job. He covered places that I enjoy such as Simply Khmer, Salumeria Italiano and Maria's Pastry and Clio and OYa at the high end. Daily Catch was visited and it reminded me of how much I liked it for simple things (they showed a squid ink pasta with squid), but haven't been since the late 80's. Much better than the pretentious macho waste of an hour that Bourdain did last year (but let me tell you what i really think).

        1. re: gourmaniac

          Not a bad show at all. The whole dogfish story was news to me and I especially like the bit about molecular gastronomy at Clio via Harvard. Lots of little vignettes with some substance to them. Dinner with the Cambodian family in Lowell was real - been there and done that. The Santarpio's bit was much better than Bourdain in Southie. I guess I might be more of a fan of Zimmern than before.

          1. re: powerfulpierre

            I was mildly annoyed that a chef of Zimmern's caliber seemingly knew nothing about molecular gastronomy and kept referring to maltodextrine as an enzyme, which is certainly is not. Beyond that, nice to see that OYa is clearly out of my price range, but there were a few other places I haven't been to yet that are now on the list...just hope they don't get too busy for me to get in because of the show.

            1. re: dresnicow

              Zimmern is certainly aware of MG and has presented on E Bulli and other such places. i think this was playing to the audience. Not my favorite part of this episode. I also liked the dogfish story and wish we could get this at market (for 25 cents a pound).

          2. re: gourmaniac

            I was really glad he went to Maria's and the Salumeria. Two places that I personally love. Biggest surprise was Express, a place that doesn't seem to get a lot of love around here. The chicken parm sub from there is one of my favorite things to eat in Boston


        2. I wonder what Oringer thought of Zimmern going to OYa