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Feb 13, 2012 12:54 PM

Reusing stock to cook noodles

I cooked some fresh homemade noodles in stock and skimmings from a pot of chicken and dumplings I was cooking (no milk just more stock) - I didn't have enough time to roll out all the noodles before the natives were restless and so I did a separate pot so that my ratios wouldn't be off.
Can I reuse that stock from last night? I put it in the fridge. The raw egg factor has me wondering.

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  1. The egg cooked when the noodles hit the hot liquid so I see no problem reusing the stock.

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    1. Totally. You would be surprised by how the rest of the world handles their food with no ill effects.

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        Thanks. You just never know who writes these things though. I spent the first 25 years of my life on a small third world Caribbean island -so I'm quite familiar with "the rest of the world" - Therein lies my problem actually - our eggs were much fresher and we don't actually have salmonella issues - I believe I read that it has to do with the egg farming techniques. So I'm often at a loss with food safety issues regarding eggs (and fish).

      2. You can totally reuse stock. The common practice to keep stock bacteria free is to cool it to below 70 degrees within two hours of last use. Store in fridge under 41 degrees and bring to a boil before using again. This keeps it as sanitary as possible. This actually is a question on a food safety certification test.

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          Well I let it cool on the stove and stuck it in the fridge in a couple of hours (there are 3 noodles still in it). I'll bring it to a boil before adding today's noodles. Thanks.