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Jul 19, 2000 02:51 PM

If you are in North OC or Lower East LA

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Just stumbled across this site, but I had to mention my absolute favorite place of all time, Puffy Taco. It's in Whittier (or La Mirada, I'm not sure which), off Leffingwell and Santa Gertrudes. I have been living in Philly (which has no decent Mexican fare to speak of, but that's for another forum) for 5 years now, but I come back just for the food here (and maybe visit relatives). It's pretty much a stand, but there's also seating inside. I always get the enchilada plate, but their specialties are puffy (fried) tacos, enchiladas, carne asada, refried beans..., well, just about everything.

They have a second place in San Antonio. I drove around looking for it, but I never found it. Anyway, the people are very cool, and the food is cheap and very, very good (unless you're on a diet or something).

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  1. Welcome, Mateo!

    Puffy Taco (which sounds wonderful) is at 15693 Leffingwell Rd (no relation, alas!), Whittier, CA. (562) 947-2250

    Use, folks! It's fast, it's awesome. You can get just about any restaurant's info!!!


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      Thanks, I should have looked that up first. If anyone knows where the San Antonio one is, could you let me know?

      Also, just figured out this post would probably be better off on the LA board. Sorry. I'll probably post something about Gilroy soon.