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Feb 13, 2012 12:44 PM

Cheese curds near Providence?

Hi folks,

Was wondering if anyone knew of a place to get cheese curds in the Providence area, or within reasonable driving distance. I am looking to make some poutine.


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  1. Simmons Farm often makes them. They are at the Winter Farmers market in the bucket. You could check their facebook page or website to see if they will have them on a given day.

    1. Are you looking for just any cheese curds, or particularly good ones? Diary Queen and A&W both offer cheese curds. They're the only ones I've ever had and I love them but I know they're chain quality. There's an A&W (closed for winter) on route 44 in Smithfield and I think there's a DQ not too far from Providence.

      Thanks to Frobisher I'll have to try Simmons Farm, I'd love to try them from an independent instead of a chain.

      1. Thanks, Frobisher, I will check ou Simmons Farm next chance I get.

        I have had the A&W cheese curds, though honestly could not really tell the difference between their product and breaded mozzarella stick bites (if that is a thing), which is not necessarily a complaint. Also, would not really work for poutine. Though now I am have a rather silly image of myself showing up at A&W with a thermos of gravy to assemble pseudo-poutine at the picnic tables...I'll check out Simmons first, but the novelty of travel gravy is intriguing...

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          Yup, that confirms what I thought...chain restaurant product NOT representative of real product.

          I've done crazier things than travel gravy. :D

          1. re: GreenGal

            Yeah, and for Poutine, you would not use the deep fried curds like those they have at A&W, et. al. You would need fresh ones.

          2. Reporting back: I still have not made it to the farmer's market to check out Simmons Farm, but we were at Wrights Dairy and noticed some cheese curds in the case.