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Passadis del Pep, Cinc Sentis and ?

bigcmd Feb 13, 2012 12:01 PM

We are 4 adults going to Barcelona in mid April for 3 days. We love lunch and will make it our main meal each day. We are planning to eat at Passadis del Pep and Cinc Sentis for two of those days. I am looking for suggestions for a third lunch to complement the other two. Location and cost are no object.

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  1. PBSF Feb 13, 2012 08:16 PM

    If lunch is on Sunday or Saturday, the place to be is Barceloneta. Eat arroz, paella, seafood (I think Passadis del Pep is still all seafood) at Kaiku or Can Majo or Merendera de le Mari. Most sit down places in the other parts of Barcelona are closed Sunday midday and many Saturday. If you are looking for more traditional Catalan, Windsor is excellent, Vinya Roel is good and the best part is that it charges couple of euros for cockage if one buy a bottle from their the front shop. Less expensive, atmospheric and quite decent is Ca L'Estevet. I also like PLA. L'Olive, TOC and Cafe de l'Academia are little more creative. For more creative from higher-end three star Michelin chefs: Moments and Moo are very good though not as good as their flagship restaurants. Modern Catalan restaurants on the same level as Cinc Sentits that I like better are Sauc, Alkimia and Comerc24. It comes down to what you are looking for as a 'compliment'. All are in central Barcelona (Barri Gotic, El Born/Ribera and the Eixample).

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    1. re: PBSF
      bigcmd Feb 14, 2012 04:57 AM

      Thannk you for your excellent suggestions. We will be in Barcelona Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the order of the restaurants is flexible. As far as compliment I ment a restaurant distinctive in both food and atmosphere. A place that lets me know I am in Barcelona, Spain and not New York or some other city with great food.

      1. re: bigcmd
        PBSF Feb 14, 2012 09:00 AM

        As the world gets smaller and smaller, a phrase like "not New York or some other city with great food" doesn't mean much. Except for the 'designer' decor of many of the modern Catalan restauranat that might feel 'international', the food is uniquely Barcelona and there are the wines. Cinc Sentits is a good example. There might Spanish restaurant or tapas bar in New York City or Tokyo but they don't have the 'feel' or authenticity of those serving Catalan food in Barcelona. Go to Barceloneta for Saturday lunch for arroz (sitting next to a large local family) or a traditional Catalan restaurant such as Vinya Roel or PLA or the high-end Moments or Moo. Better yet, take the train to El Cellar de Can Roca or Sant Pau for the 3 star experience. Of course evening tapas/pintxos hopping in El Born, Barri Gotic, Eixample or Gracia/Sarria. Go to Quimet y Guimet, El Vasco, Bar Celta, La Cova and you know you are in Barcelona.

        1. re: PBSF
          Aleta Feb 16, 2012 07:09 AM

          " Go to Quimet y Guimet, El Vasco, Bar Celta, La Cova and you know you are in Barcelona."

          I think that's supposed to be Quimet i Quimet (not Guimet) and El Vaso de Oro? Or is there really a place called El Vasco? Doesn't that mean "The Basque"?

          I like El Cellar de Can Roca and Sant Pau for lunch but they are train-rides away and more than half of your day will be gone. For such a short visit (and assuming that bigcmd wants to sightsee), staying in town is a better idea.

          I would definitely book an outside table at Kaiku for Sunday lunch! Have some pastries for b'fast at Hofmann's, swing by to see the Barcelona Catedral and the Sardana dance, sample a few pintxos at Bilbao Berri (not great but still better than what most of us in North America can get at home) and make your way down to Barceloneta. If you like dessert, check out Vioko for chocolates, gelato and macarons.

          1. re: Aleta
            bigcmd Feb 16, 2012 07:51 AM

            Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I have so many choices I will have to schedule some sight seeing in between the meals.

            1. re: bigcmd
              estnet Feb 18, 2012 03:10 PM

              I was seriously disappointed in Alkimia but more than delighted with Sant Sentitis, San Pau and Hisop. I try to post reviews soon.
              I tried to go to Kaiku but it was COLD outside (this week) and even though I could wrap up I realized that any hot food would cool so fast it wouldn't be fun. There were a few brave souls at the tables outside who didn't look too comfortable and the inside was packed (Sunday afternoon) with no hope of eating without a reservation.
              All the hawkers at many places on the main drag at Barceloneta and mostly the same menu on the street turned me off, but I did eat in a small hole in the wall place while meandering through the small old streets - cheap and satisfying but not what I would call a destination restaurant.

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