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Feb 13, 2012 11:41 AM

spicy foods--what to use to crank up the heat

I LOVE spicy foods but can never get anything hot enough. i could literally use hot sauce as a spaghetti base and not even break a sweat.

what can i use for heat? crushed red pepper is like black pepper to me --really mild. any ideas?

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  1. What kinds of hot sauces are you using that aren't hot enough, or better yet, what kind of peppers are they made from?

    1. Sounds like you need to up your Scovilles:

      At home, the spiciest dried chilies I cook with are chiles de arbol, dundicuts and facing heaven peppers. You can crush them in a mortar and pestle or slit and add whole. Fresh Thai chilies and habaneros also pack a punch, but add brighter flavors to a dish. Condiments like Sriracha, sambal oelek and lao gan ma will also impart a fair amount of heat but will add acid or salt. If you're looking for straight up heat without affecting flavor, look for bhut jolokia chilies or capsaicin extract.

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      1. Put enough bhut powder in your food and you'll feel the heat. Depending what you put it in, however, you might not like the resulting flavor.

        1. +1 on using hot chile peppers. Penzeys has a great compendium of the various types and uses. While I/we love spicy foods, I don't like food to be painful, so you may need to experiment to find your heat level.