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Feb 13, 2012 11:39 AM

Replacing Dacor Electric Convection Oven - Options?

We're reluctantly replacing an almost 20-year old Dacor electric convection 30" wall oven. Any suggestions about what might be similar? I hear very mixed things about current Dacor models. I want a true convection oven, and have loved how the Dacor cooks . . . unfortunately, one of its fans has developed a horrible screeching noise that appears unfixable.

While we're at it, we may replace the electric ceramic cooktop - also almost 20 years old, Jenn Air. I've been very happy with it, and am not interested in gas or induction. I've seen lots of other messages here about inability to control heat levels, etc. with ceramic electric, but I've never had this issue - in fact, one of the things that I've loved about our current Jenn Air cooktop is that it will maintain very low temps, like slightly below simmer.

I'm not looking for anything fancy re: controls, etc. in either the oven or the stovetop, and don't care about brand names one way or the other - but I do cook a lot, and care about performance temperature reliability. With 2 daughters not far away from college, we need to avoid the very highest price range.

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  1. We have a current model Miele, HP4886 if my memory serves me correctly. My wife loves it. My observations are it heats up quickly, extremely well insulated, can cook effectively on all three racks, excellent control set, no idiosyncracies. Probably about a Dacor's price point.

    We also installed the Miele 36" induction cooktop above it. You note you have no interest in induction but, this is our first after years of good and mediocre ceramics and it redefines electric cooktops. It's value is not in boiling water quickly but, in having superb control of heat and flexibility in switching pans from one burner to another (almost instant heat). We would never go back. We had a Jenn Air about 20 years ago. It lasted less than a year. Worst cooktop we've ever owned and I think anything you choose will likely be an improvement.

    1. On the same quality level as an old Dacor would be Bosch. They make good stuff. Dacor does not have the same rep as they did years ago. GE Monogram would be fine too but my first choice would be Bosch.

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        Enigma and Ray, thanks for these suggestions. We'll take a look at both the Bosch and the Miele options.

        Also, thanks for the comments about the Miele induction cooktop. I'm realizing that I should be more open-minded about induction - partly because I'm hearing about so many other bad experiences with electric ceramic cooktops that I'm starting to think that the chance of replicating the good experiences that we've had with our old Jenn Air may be dim.

      2. Look at Wolf ovens for high end and Electrolux for less. Check out the Gardenweb appliance forum for quite a bit about ovens.