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Feb 11, 2012 07:12 PM

Butcher for a Whole Pig

Does anyone know of a good butcher store to buy a whole pig for roasting? i just visited a place in Chino, Ca and was very pleased with what they had. I can purchase a 100 lb pig , dressed, for $175.00. Is that a good price?

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  1. Is this out of your way or do you have to drive all around?. The price seems ok since I got a 50 lbs one for $125 cooked several years ago from Kings Hawaiian bakery in Torrance.

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    1. re: flylice2x

      I have new caja china, so I am cooking it. Thnks for the post.

      1. re: river48

        How sweet. So you bought the big one.
        Would like to know how it turns out.

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          awesome! curious to know what you (or anyone else) plan on cooking in there besides pig.

      2. Lindy & Grundy do all things pork....but they're pricey.

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          i was gonna recommend these ladies too. love them.

        2. Call Harvey's Gus or Huntington Meats or maybe you are good to go. Save me some of the craklin, I will bring my own fixins. I will be waiting for my e-mail with the date and directions. Thank You

          1. i have a caja china, but it's the smaller one. i order pigs through restaurant depot, but you've got to have a membership. would love to know about the place in chino--please share details. thx

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              There are some small farms in Chino, LaPuente & El Monte & South El Monte. just need to know someone or some of the local Mexican Markets can tell you about them.

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                Hey guys , thanks for your responses. I have another place in mind in Chino where i plan to go this w/end. The best thing about these place I visited is that you can select the pig you wish to buy so there should not be any surprises. You can tag it, etc. Hopefully i will post some pics of previous cook out. If you are interested, go to the Food channel site. They have video of a throwdown with Bobby Fley (sic) with the maker of the Caja China. Look it up .What you do is only determined by your limitations. However, what you do you must use the entire griill or it would not be cost effective. I have not tried it but I envision making several briscquets, texas style. yummy. Later

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                    The place I visited last is called Lizze Custom Processing, 7310 Pine Avenue, Chino , CA. (909) 597-6109. It is located across Prado Reservour Park, near Euclid and the 71 in Chino. It is open everyday except Mondays. You can order pigs, goat, chicken, beef, sheep. There have a butcher shop open to the public.

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