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Feb 13, 2012 11:12 AM

Bloomington, with young people [Indiana]

I am going to be visiting Bloomington, Ind., with my daughter, a high school junior, who is thinking of attending Indiana University. We're going to be joined by my brother and HIS 16-year-old, who's also thinking of the school. So I'm looking for a place that two adults in their 50s and two girls, age 16, could have a good, solid meal -- in short, neither a student pitcher-and-burger hangout nor a place that feels like you're eating with your grandparents. Mostly, a nice treat for everyone involved, including me.

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  1. There are many fine restaurants in town, but the Uptown Cafe would fill the bill perfectly. It's on Kirkwood Avenue, about a five-minute walk from campus. Enjoy your stay!