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Jul 14, 2000 11:33 AM

Burgers in Sacramento

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Patrick A. left a vague message about great burgers in Sacramento over on our "What's My Craving Board" (read it by using the link below).

He just emailed me more info, which I'll faithfully copy back for you all:

I have at last ascertained that the burger place has the unlikely name of Jim Denny's Lunch #2 (there is no #1).... it's at 816 12th St. in downtown Sacramento.

Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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  1. Actually, the burgers at Nationwide Meats are awesome!! It's behind Relles Florist on Jst and 24th or so. I have also heard of a great place near Land Park called "Fords" or something. I'm living in Brooklyn, but from Sacto.

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      Ford's is the place--definately a Land Park landmark.
      Try Tiny' Drive-in on Fulton, Hamburger Mary's on Jst., The Squeeze Inn (location ??), and the SubShack on Folsom blvd. Ikeda's on Folsom is really good too for burgers.