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Feb 13, 2012 11:04 AM

State College with young people

I am taking my 16-year-old to look at colleges, including Penn State. We'll be in State College for two nights and a full day. We'll also be hooking up with the daughter of a friend who is a freshman there. What I'm looking for is a nice place with good food that would appeal to a 16-year-old, a 19-year-old and their 50-year-old host -- nothing stuffy (I don't want it to be like going out to dinner with your grandparents) but with good, solid food that will make it a bit of a treat, especially for the neighbor who's been eating dorm food.

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  1. Cozy Thai bistro is very good and BYOB. Kelly's steakhouse is also good for steak and seafood and you can go in jeans. Faccia Luna has wood burning stove gourmet pizza and pastas. Herwigs has Austrian/German type food.

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      For special meals Harrison's is our new favorite. It is in the Hilton Garden Inn, not the best room in town but the food is high quality. Lots of choices on the menu.

      We like Cozy Thai, Herwigs and Faccia Luna as well but none are all that special.

      Another suggestion is Spats, decent food, fun atmosphere (kind of a speakeasy) and it has the plus of being downtown, so you can see the sites/action on College Avenue in the evening.

    2. You didn't specify what kind of food you're into, so I'll just throw out a few things.

      If you like Thai food, I'd avoid Cozy Thai and go to My Thai instead. The food is lightyears better, and they actually make it spicy upon request.

      If you like sushi, Sakura is your best best. Nice atmosphere, fresh fish, good service & BYOB.

      Faccia Luna's already been mentioned for solid pizza; Nola's would be another option, tho the service is spotty, to say the least.

      State College now has a Greek restaurant that also cranks out some very nice food at decent prices & is also BYOB.

      India Pavillion offers reliably good Indian food. Allen Street Grill is ok, but nothing special - it's mostly got a nice atmosphere and a good view of College Ave/campus.