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Feb 13, 2012 11:00 AM

Ice Cream trucks

Can anyone recommend an ice cream truck to rent for parties? Preferably not the usual neighborhood ice cream truck.


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  1. You can call Treatbot: Karaoke Ice Cream Truck from the Future.

    Book Treatbot for your event.
    Call 408.54.TREAT or email csebastian (at)

    Private events start at $5pp with a 15% service charge. $600 minimum purchase.


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    1. +1 on Treatbot. But that truck is based in San Jose. Sometimes they also visit San Mateo.

      Another vendor is Twirl & Dip, they are local.
      Ben & Jerry's also has a truck. No idea how to contact them.

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      1. re: L C

        Thank you for the suggestions.

        I used them for an event in 2010. Pretty good service.

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        1. We have used Aunt LaLi's:

          A+ in service, friendliness, being professional & on-time. You & your guests will be very happy!
          I'm pretty sure they travel all over the Bay Area.