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Feb 13, 2012 10:48 AM

Dinner in or near Mission Hills?

Hello Los Angeles,
I'm going to be in the Mission Hills area on a Sunday evening and would like to enjoy dinner for two someplace informal with good food. Open to any type of cuisine, but as to expense,hoping for some entree choices around $20 or less. A place with a great beer list or a decent selection of reasonably priced wines would be ideal. The occasion is a somber one, so I'd prefer a place that is NOT especially loud/ boisterous/ celebratory. I'm not familiar with the area (actually I'm not familiar with LA in general.) Could anyone recommend a place that fits my needs? Thanks.

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  1. Not much in Mission Hills except freeways. cemeteries, tract homes and strip malls. Granada Hills just to the west has a bit more restaurants but still limited.

    This thread should help a bit:

    1. About 5 years ago I went to a place called the Safari Room that had decent prime rib for a really reasonable may want to check that out.

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        Previous thread of Safari Room (not too positive):

        Quite frankly as the area has limited options for quality food anyway, I'd go with The Odyssey Restaurant, (at least you get the view and it is not in a Strip Mall) which is primarily an event venue which is typical of The Specialty Restaurant Group properties. They run the Odyssey.

      2. The Safari Room is fine as long as you know what to expect. A steak-and-baked potato crowd, mostly over 70, sipping Manhattans and Martinis.

        1. L'Affaire Cafe on Sepulveda is supposed to be good. I haven't been myself, but my boss (who likes a good meal) goes there.

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            Although it's been a little while, I've enjoyed L'affair Cafe. as well. Small, quiet, french, neighborhood "gem.". Not fancy but warm and caring. I'd think it work very well for a somber occasion.
            11024 Sepulveda Blvd
            Mission Hills, CA 91345
            818 365 5939

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              Bear pit can get loud and the interior is really casual, so it might not be right for the poster.