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Feb 13, 2012 10:22 AM

Best place to eat lobster in Atlanta?

Hi all!

My wife and I are planning on going out for a nice lobster dinner for our three year anniversary.

We've had suggestions for Legal Sea Foods, Chops Lobster Bar, and the Atlanta Fish Market; right now, we're leaning towards Legal Sea Foods.
Does anyone have any other recommendations (preferably intown), or any advice about those three places?

Any help or thoughts are appreciated!

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  1. I personally prefer Lobster Bar. Atlanta Fish is too loud, and the atmosphere is better at Lobster Bar (more intimate and those art-deco walls are amazing). I would imagine the lobster is the same at both places since they are sister restaurants. I haven't been to Legal SeaFood in Atlanta (enjoyed it in Boston) but had read a rather blah review in CL on it. To me, Legal is positioned for tourists who want a chain restaurant, versus locals who might become regulars. But if you go, please post your experience--maybe it's great.

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    1. re: ebennettatl

      Cool, thank you! I did not realize they were sister restaurants. As for Legal Sea Foods, I've just heard a lot of good things, but I'll definitely post about it if we go.

    2. Mckendricks does great lobster. Plus they have lobster mashed potatoesny wife and get twin lobster tails and have them stuff them into a 12 oz filet. Served. With any sauce you want

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      1. re: bobstripower

        Thanks for the advice, hadn't considered a steak house!

      2. Have no idea if they're still doing it, but Bocado was making a limited number of lobster rolls on Saturday nights last summer. I had it then and it was amazing- very simple, lots of lobster, good roll.

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        1. re: ted

          Might have to try that some time... been looking for a decent lobster roll!

          1. re: anyvar

            The shrimp roll at Leon's in Decatur is a great poor-man's substitute.

        2. And for a completely off the wall suggestion, The Crawfish Shack on Buford Highway does a take on the lobster roll that is pretty damn good. Get the boiled version and you will not be disappointed.

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          1. re: samlev

            I've neglected Buford Highway for too long, methinks. Like I replied to ted, I've been thinking about finding a place with decent lobster rolls, so I might check this place out too, thanks!

          2. So we decided on the Lobster Bar, going there tonight. I'm hope it'll be tasty, and I appreciate everyone's input!

            Maybe I can post back here about our experience =)