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Feb 13, 2012 09:53 AM

Mexican groceries in Vermont?

I know of many Asian grocers, but not any Mexican or Latin-specific food stores in the Burlington area. I am looking for some lesser-known chiles (guajillos, dried or in powder form) to make some authentic Tacos al Pastor, but have come up empty in my searches.

If any chowhounds have any tips or suggestions (besides ordering online), I'd be grateful!

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  1. There aren't any Mexican groceries in Vermont that I have ever heard of. That being said, I haven't been everywhere and I don't read all the papers.

    I know you said you didn't want to hear about online, but maybe that's your only option right now. Penzey's has most of the "lesser-known" chiles you're looking for.

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      Thanks, Morganna. I'm not opposed to ordering online, I just need the spices by this Wednesday.

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        Well you COULD drive to the Penzey's in MA. :) I wish I were more help, though.

    2. Have you checked Onion River Coop? I think they've got a decent selection of dried peppers in bulk.

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        Or maybe City Market? Or what's that other whole foody type place... is it over by the U Mall?