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Feb 13, 2012 09:51 AM

Any good ramen in the East Bay...

We love Tampopo in J-town, but can't seem to find any good ramen in Oakland. Any suggestions?

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  1. Your best bets are Rikyu on College (Tonkotsu Ramen. Lunch only) or Norikonoko on Telegraph in Berkeley (Shoyu or Miso broth, iirc)

    Ryowa's gone downhill.

    Further afield there's Tadamasa in Union City & Dohatsuten in Fremont

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    1. re: drewskiSF

      I'd call to check Norikonoko's hours before going, last time we tried to go they'd changed their hours and were closed.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        good suggestion. there was a report towards the end of last year that the wife was having health issues which caused some closures and erratic hours.

      2. re: drewskiSF

        Digging back to this post, a year ago, to find ramen for lunch in Berkeley/Oakland.

        Went to Rikyu, based on the above recommendation, and was quite satisfied.

        Before I continue, I should say I'm a ramen novice (beginner to advanced beginner).

        They had Tonkotsu, as well as Miso and Spicy Miso. I ordered the Tonkotsu. And thought the broth was quite good, rich and almost creamy, perhaps a tad too salty--noodles cooked to a happy bite, egg and pork fine. I was very glad I had come.

        The space was very pleasing, the service ditto. There were only a few other tables occupied--and one guy talking on his mobile phone--irritating, especially so in a space and over food that otherwise speaks to quiet and calm--I glared at the offender on his way out; and he realized immediately why and stopped and seemed quite contrite, which I appreciated and told him as much. Would that restaurant staff felt entitled to ask patrons to put away electronics or at least not talk on phones.

      3. noodle theory has ramen but you would probably be disappointed.
        ozumo has new ramen options, never tried them yet.
        manpuku, forgetaboutit.

        chain: ajisen ramen, fremont, interesting
        or interesting- maru ichi, milpitas (kuro ramen)

        2nd norikonoko, tadamasa, & dohatsuten

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        1. re: shanghaikid

          Don't know if the ramen of Ozumo in Oakland is the same as Ozumo SF's ramen. If so, then it's overpriced and disappointing. It was previously $16, but they recently replaced that with a $12-$14 lunch ramen menu. Website menus not updated. My broth was too salty and they were stingy with the toppings, could be mistakes by inexperienced kitchen during first week of menu. But my biggest complaint is that the noodles were soft like overcooked spaghetti. Looked exactly like store bought pasta (probably soba), not ramen.

          1. re: L C

            At one point maybe a year and a half ago they both had Nagasaki Champon as their ramen. I wasn't impressed by the Oakland version.

            The current online (which, as you point out, may not be up to date) has 3 on SF's menu (Sapporo, Champon, Miso) while Oakland has just Spicy Miso.

            The locations do have different chefs.

            1. re: L C

              Update: Don't know if the restaurant read my comments, but Ozumo has now fixed the complaints I mentioned. I tried an Ozumo bowl for lunch today and it had the proper ramen noodles. This time my bowl had the fishcake and sprouts that were missing on my last visit. There was a decent amount of meat, and the broth had good flavor. Still not among the best, but much better now.