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Feb 13, 2012 08:42 AM

ZaZa - Stamford

Went last night for the first time and most likely my last. Ordered 2 different wines by the glass and they came out warm. Mnd you these were both red wines, but tasted about 20 degrees warmer then they should have been. When this was brought to the attention of the waiter, he said it is a constant complaint from customers, but they do not have the room or facility to store them at the right temp. We went with tapas which was the Grilled Shrimp with beans and it was ok. Eggplant with cheese which came out cold and soggy and should have been warm, Chicken Osso Bucco which was just ok and the winner was the grilled Portabello mushroom.

Nothing great and no reason to go back.

Zaza Restaurant
114 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906

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  1. Have to agree that their wine by the glass is warm, we had a bottle once I think that was better. I view ZaZa more as a bar with good food with their tapas and all rather than a spot to have a nice dinner. The food has been tasty in my experiences so in that sense its a fun place for drinks and a good snack.

    1. Confused about the address at the bottom of your post- are you reviewing zaza Stamford or an apparently unaffiliated place in Massachussetts?

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      1. Jeebus, people, this is a tapas joint, not a fine dining venue. If you want stars from Michelin, Manhattan is a short drive. Nobody on the local scene chills their red wine, or has the time to warm their whites. Cut slack for an exceptional additional to a very anemic local scene. I am continually warmed by their food, from the very reasonable and very tasty baby lamb chops to the really good gnocci and polenta offerings. This is, after all, Stamford, so temper your foodie chops just a tad in judging new entries to the local scene.
        It is absolutely several serious cuts above the local bar Boathouse, whose food and wine taboo approved of, and who definitely do not chill their reds or warm their whites.

        1. We had a great experience. Had a delicious Gavi dei Gavi white wine by the bottle which was properly chilled. Enjoyed the grilled portobello mushroom small plate, the Orechiette Campagna pasta and the California pizza w. shrimp and arugula. Although noisy, there was a good vibe to the place. Last visited on July 20, 2012.

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            We had dinner there a couple of times this summer. We had several small plates and basically enjoyed them all, some more than others, of course. Sorry, I can't remember which ones we had off the top of my head. The first time we went it was just me and my husband, the second time we had our ten year old with us. Definitely fine with kids.

            One caveat, the first time we went was a normal summer evening and the restaurant was on the warm side, but ok. The second time we went was one of those really hot August days and it was HOT in the restaurant. Their a/c really is just not up to the job. We won't go back until the weather has cooled off, but other than that, we really liked it.