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Jul 12, 2000 09:07 PM


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Will be spending a week in Carlsbad. Looking for good Seafood and Italian restaurants in Carlsbad or Del Mar

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  1. This is the time of year in SOCal when food tastes best when consumed outdoors preferably at a restaurant with a view. Two places in Del Mar come to mind, Il Fornaio (good lasagne)and Pacifica Del Mar (good fish dishes). Pacifica Del Mar has a cafe downstairs (Pacifica Breeze?)that is a popular lunch spot.

    I too like Vigilucci's pizza and Piatti's in La Jolla.

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      There's a place just up the coast from Del Mar (can't remember the name of the town - Cardiff?), called the Beach House (I think). The outdoor seating is right on the rocks, so they have to close it when there's a high tide, but there's still a nice view from inside. Since I go out to Del Mar (from the East Coast) for the Handicap every year, I make it a point not to miss this place. Also, good fish.