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Feb 13, 2012 08:16 AM

Where to splurg for a dinner on the Strip

I need some help from Chowhound. My fiance and I are getting married on April 9th in Vegas and we are then spending the rest of the week we are staying there for our Honeymoon. I am looking for some opinions on where we should go for a great dinner. I am looking for a nice ambiance and great tasting food. My budget is around $200/person (including drinks). The only food restaurant that is off limits is a Steakhouse our "reception" is at Smith and Wollensky.

Thanks for the help and let me know if you need any other information.


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  1. Le Cirque at the Bellagio might be a restaurant you should consider. I've been there three times, and am returning mid-March. Great food, lovely atmosphere and attentive service.

    1. I'm a big fan of Bartolotta, although it may push your $200 budget. Beautiful food, beautiful restaurant, beautiful service.

      1. Picasso or Le Cirque for me for "dressier" places. Sage and Michael Mina after that for less formal places.

        1. Jaleo at the Cosmo..
          Country Club at the Wynn.

          Make sure you have lunch at Lotus of the menu and one of the best Thai meals ever!

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            Le Cirque mentioned above would be fantastic meal for you two. If you go to LOS for lunch, don't get the buffet. The stuff that they put out there is pretty unremarkable. Not necessarily bad, but definately nothing special and it gets picked through by everybody before you. Ask for their regular menu if they don't give it to you when you're seated and order off of that.

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              I had a lovely experience at SAGE a few days ago. Casual chic with a nice atmosphere. You can converse which is lovely--as some Vegas restaurants are loud and obnoxious. The portions are generous for the price, and the ingredients were incredible. I opted to do the 4 course tasting menu, which was plentyyyy of food and only $80 (you can wine pair for an additional $40). I had the wagyu beef tartar (perfect consistency and temp but a tad bit bland to be honest), maine scallops w/ braised oxtail and broccolini (yummmX1000), 48 hour beef belly (I'm not a hugeeeee beef belly fan but whatever hehe), and some chocolate amazing desert. Others had the fluke, skirtsteak and the octopus as an app which could have easily been a small main! The service was attentive without being annoying, and knowledgeable.

              A few cocktails + a nice bottle of wine and that's def $200 per person. I don't recommend the ginger cocktail though (forget the name hehe) and they gave us an after-dinner "chocolate soup" thing which was horrible and tasted heavily like chai (Chef McClain, if you're reading this stop! lol) Cheers!

          2. Jaleo is wonderful!! But for a really special experience, try and get a reservation at e by Jose Andres. A restaurant within Jaleo- it will be one of the greatest culinary experiences you'll ever have!