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Feb 13, 2012 07:49 AM

Single Female Diner - Bangkok, Angkor Wat, and Hong Kong

hey everyone,

leaving tmrw and have a pretty good bucket list of places to go. however, any recos of stalls / restaurants you're still dreaming of in any of these locations would be awesome!

in bangkok, i'm staying in sukhumivit for the first 2 nights and then Rattanakosin the last night. I'd like to wander around stalls but fancier places are fine too.

in hong kong, i'll be staying in TST for 3 days. I'm definetly doing Dim Sum and High Tea at some point of the trip but dinners / lunches are all game.


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  1. Unfortunately, can't help you around Sukhumvit; I avoid it like the plague. But, everywhere in Bangkok, carts, stalls and small shops abound. "Thonglor" seems to be quite popular.