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Feb 13, 2012 07:11 AM

Indian food in the New Orleans area?

Can anyone recommend any good Indian food in the area? I'd be willing to head to Metairie or the West Bank if the dinner merits it.


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  1. This review is based on the buffets at various restaurants:

    Bay Leaf in Baton Rouge is much better than any Indian restaurant in New Orleans (this is based on one trip but will go again- especially on the weekend.. As often as I try-- none in N.O. blow me away. Tandoori Chicken on Cleary is the best spiced, but the menu is very plain jane. Taj Mahal was ok the last two times I went. Nirvana uptown is inconsistent- can be very good and then disappointing a week later- also the spice level can vary wildly. Saffron on the West Bank is an Indian fusion restaurant open only on Fridays. It was interesting and was more fine dining than the others, but the spicing was very subdued.

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      Julie's Little Indian Kitchen in the marigny isnt bad -- it's part of the Schiro's store. the menu is the owner's wife, and for a neighborhood joint it's pretty good. the saag aloo matar paneer (i think thats it) is good, tho honestly i dont have much reference point.

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        Nirvana always just makes me wish I'd driven out to Metairie for Tandoori Chicken. Seriously, I think Tandoori Chicken is the best I've had. I'd really like to try the pop-up place on the Westbank, though.

      2. Its not for everyone but I prefer Salt n Pepper. It is a hole in the wall in the Quarter just off Decatur that was recommended to me by a cabbie. Half the menu is basic late night American junk food. The other half takes a drastic turn with a pretty serious selection of Pakistani and Indian dishes. I recommend trying the goat biryani, a well spiced rice dish with on the bone goat. However if you are after veggie cuisine they also have a good selection. Keep in mind that the place is about as basic as it gets and can take a while - but on the plus side the last time I was there they let me bring in wine with no problems.

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        1. re: spotonjane

          S&P is gone. at least it appears to be...the S&P sign is gone and now its a poboy joint.

          1. re: kibbles

            Not so. I picked up from Salt and Pepper yesterday. They have made some modest improvements to the interior and tweaked the menu, but it is open and serving very good Pakistani fare.

            Also, although I have not yet tried it, there is a catering business by the name of Saffron NOLA that serves dinner on Friday night only. The Indian dishes look excellent. It is on my short list of places to try.

        2. Sara's in the Riverbend does some nice Indian dishes.

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            Yes-- forgot about Sara's. The Saag Paneer is exceptional there.

          2. I like Nirvana too but the OP is right - the spice level is different every time I've eaten there. But I still go there often!

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              I was very disappointed that one of the dishes on the buffet last time I went to Nirvana was what seemed to be a vegetable stir fry that didn't seem like any Indian dish I'm familiar with. Also the vegetable soup that is almost always on the buffet seems like Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable with a lot of cayenne. Once I was surprised and there was an interesting Indian soup instead-- wish it was like that always but this restaurant seems to try too hard to appease those that don't like Indian food by compromising their cuisine at times.

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                Nirvana used to be a favorite but the buffet is just sad.