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Feb 13, 2012 06:45 AM

Fabranak - anyone been?

Someone just mentioned this as being a hidden gem in the Wellesley and Church area, particularly the lunch bento boxes.
Wondering if anyone's been?

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    1. I've been many times and it's great! Highly recommended, amazing value for your money.

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      1. re: SNACKeR

        Agreed. and what they do to payback the community is admirable. They often tweet their daily specials @FABARNAKresto

      2. Absolutely fantastic. It can get busy at lunch and theres not a lot of seating, but the food is wonderful. The square peg is usually my choice. There is a sign up for liqour license application.

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        1. re: cupcakez

          I don't work anywhere near it so I don't have a hope in hell other than Saturday brunch.
          Any recommendations for it?

        2. I've been a number of times. The food is good, though a bit heavy with oil and/or butter. It's adventurous eating though, which is always a plus.