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Feb 13, 2012 05:56 AM

Guchi's Midnight Ramen

Has anyone had the opportunity to try Guchi's Midnight Ramen?

It's a ramen pop-up that was at Sportello last night / this morning, and was at Bondir recently.

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  1. No, but I've been interested as well. They are on Facebook at and Twitter at!/guchiramennight but it seems it's another one of those Boston events where if you don't get tickets in the first minute, you're out of luck (Bacon and Beer Festival, I'm looking at YOU). This makes me sad for me, but I am glad for these vendors and for the overall Boston food scene that there's this much interest in specialty food events!

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    1. re: Chris VR

      Yea, I balked at the tickets and then realized that I'd probably rather buy tickets and know I have a spot than have to wait in line close to midnight, in the cold, to *hopefully* score a seat. I saw that the tickets were $25 plus $2.36 fee.

      However, I hope they get a permanent place to do this. Ramen in Boston is lacking. If you search, there are some reviews out there, but this was from a more private tasting, and hence could be biased. I look forward to hearing the reviews from this past 'pop-up'.

    2. Both seatings of the Guchi's at Sportello event sold out in about 30 seconds, not even a minute. Talk about a tough table! I expect some of those tickets to show up on the "secondary market" at inflated prices. Meanwhile, Uni's late-night ramen will be happening every Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 1pm, so those seats should be less tough to score.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        Yes, I saw the sold-out page a tidy 33 seconds after seeing the GMR link posted on Facebook. My poor F5 key overworked for naught.

        Thanks for the tip on the Uni ramen. I had missed that. I did a search and found some appetizing ramen photos online; the David Chang-esque pork bun looks excellent, too.

        1. re: Area Man

          i've had the Clio pork belly bun twice, the first time was excellent, the second time the pork was a bit dry. I would probably be willing to try it again, hopefully the second time was a fluke.

      2. This whole thing is ridiculous. Are they going to open a legitimate noodle shop or not? Don't string me along with months of twitter posts about "perfecting our broth" and "getting the best noodle recipe" and then use it to promote some once a week "foodie event" status symbol prix fixe menu that includes steamed buns and whatever. Just make a single good bowl of ramen that regular people can enjoy...

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          1. re: Luther

            Yes, and once a week is being generous. Until I hear a first hand-account from a chowhound who has purchased a ticket, had their mouth scalded by the perfect broth, bitten into the world's greatest noodle, and rubbed elbows with the city's newest favorite chef while doing so, I will not believe that this hype-machine even exists in real life.

            I can get a good-enough ramen for less than half the price at Sapporo, wait in line for only a couple minutes, and enjoy my food without being surrounded by overzealous food bloggers. Or I can buy a 25 dollar round trip bus ticket to NYC and enjoy Ippudo anytime I like.

            1. re: hckybg

              This does get into the same vein as a $25 foie gras burgers with truffle shavings - sometimes its fun to fancy things up, but don't get too far from the source.

              Ramen at Ippudo is $14. Across the river at Mitsuwa, its a few dollars cheaper in the food court and still pretty tasty. I walk out of Sapporo in Porter for $10 with a happy belly. Ramen is tasty, but its not the next incarnation of bouillabaisse.

              I want a place where I can slurp a good but reasonably priced bowl of ramen, perhaps at a table by myself or sharing it with another single, at lunchtime. If Guchi's is going to be a 2-seating premium price midnight treat for a 100 or so people every two weeks, its going to lose appeal quickly without something more.

              1. re: grant.cook

                I've really enjoyed the shio ramen at the NJ Mitsuwa (the mini umeboshi garnish is a nice touch). I'm not asking for world-class ramen here, just something straightforward and comparable to that. And it should feel Japanese.

              2. re: hckybg

                Add me to the list of the outraged and amused. It is a interesting business model but competing online for a bowl of ramen like a Beatles reunion concert in Purgatory is just silly. My favorite bowl was in a simple shop in Kyoto, and I've never had it's equal outside of Japan.

                1. re: gourmaniac

                  If this is not yet a skit on Portlandia, it soon will be.

              3. re: Luther

                Here, here. And if it's really that good, a permanent spot would be as close to a guaranteed success as anything in this business. Boston clearly wants ramen. Give it to us.

                1. re: Luther

                  I certainly understand the frustration with the hype-machine, but I mostly find it amusing.

                  Ultimately, any ramen publicity is good for ramen lovers, though, right?

                  1. re: Area Man

                    Ramen might just be the new food truck. Many imitators will emerge, promising originality but they will eventually fade away.

                  2. re: Luther

                    I'm with you, Luther. I love good chow as well as the next hound, but I have too much going on in my life to sit baited breath by the computer and try and get tickets to a "noodle event". Open up a shop and be done with it, I say! I'd be interested to hear from other hounds that sampled their fare. World War Michael certainly enjoyed it, but since this is his first posting it's hard to gauge......

                  3. Incidentally, Myers + Chang is doing shrimp and tofu ramen noodles with green chives, scallion butter and fermented tofu broth as a lunch special this week.


                    1. I was able to attend last night's event by virtue of furious page refreshing. Between the two seatings I'd have to guess about 30 total people were able to enjoy some ramen.

                      The meal started off with a pork bun, which I can only describe as amazing, every little element of it was so perfectly balanced and paired, everyone sitting at the community style tables were in euphoria.

                      Two kinds of ramen were served, one was a lighter saltier broth and the other was a darker soy based broth. Both were fantastic, the broths were complex and satisfying I really have nothing bad to say about it. Every diner happily slurped up the delicious noodles, meats, egg, and veggies in their bowl.

                      The meal wrapped up with a green tea chocolate chip cookie and a passion fruit caramel. The passion fruit caramel was the real stand out of this pair, I was glad I saved it till last.

                      I hope more people get a chance to enjoy Guchi's as it really is fantastic ramen and worth breaking your f5 key over trying to get tickets.

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                      1. re: WorldWarMichael

                        Can you tell us about any other places you've had Ramen in Boston by way of comparison?

                        And also where else you've had pork buns? I am a big fan of Great Taste for Pork Buns.

                        1. re: StriperGuy

                          Where on the Great Taste menu are the pork buns, Striper? Is that a weekend dim sum thing only? Just a bakery item?


                          1. re: MC Slim JB

                            They do an awesome HUGE steamed bun with pork, egg, and sausage, on the bakery side, but then on the weekend they do a nice char siu bao sit down only in the resto.

                          2. re: StriperGuy

                            There's a restaurant at H-Mart that makes wonderful pork buns. I can't recall the name but it's to the left of were Cho Cho's used to be (btw - they were bought out and have a new name but some dishes remain.)

                            1. re: robertlf

                              I'm confused now. what type of pork buns are we talking about here? crispy pork sandwiched in a steamed bun (traditionally used for peking duck), OR char-siu buns?

                              because I believe the former is what you'd find at Momofuku, East by Northeast, and GMR. the latter, you find in generic Chinese bakeries and dimsum (which also come as either baked or steamed).

                              maybe this is better discussed in its own thread ..

                          3. re: WorldWarMichael

                            I tried to get tickets and was about 10 seconds too late.

                            I am FURIOUS at the waste of my time and they are dead to me, will not recommend. They can sit on my shitlist with Ippudo.

                            1. re: WorldWarMichael

                              30 people total? At this point, why bother advertising or using online event signup..30 covers, that's the kind of thing word-of-mouth would fill. And less risk of just annoying an additional 270 people trying to get tickets.

                              Glad to hear it was tasty... can you compare to Sapporo Ramen or even the old Ken's Noodle?

                              1. re: grant.cook

                                All this hype for....30 people ?? Seriously? Sounds more like a chef who wanted their vanity stroked by creating a buzz. It's frigging ramen, not a table at Next.

                              2. re: WorldWarMichael

                                Congrats on getting tickets, WWM, and thanks for the report.

                                (Time to revisit my computer's warranty to see if F5 key replacement is covered)