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Great to Decent Meals In Delhi/Agra/Jaipur

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The following are selected dinners/lunches eaten over an 11-day trip through the Golden Triangle, most of which I would recommend.
The best, without a doubt, was at Veda, on Connaught Circle, Delhi. Excellent sag gosht and a speciality mound of tandoori'd mutton chunks - absolutely melt-in-the-mouth. Together with cheese/garlic kulcha, pilau rice, and Kingfisher beer, a cool £40/$60 for two (including all taxes and service). Not cheap, but superb quality in a "cool" place full of hip Delhi-wallas.
The most disappointing, of a similarly-status restaurant, was the Peshawari, at the ITC Mughul
in Agra (sister restaurant, even down to decor, of the more famed Bukara at the ITC Delhi). Snooty service, uncomfortable seating, mediocre lamb burrah (good flavour, lots of bone) and small portion of tandoori chicken, with "legendary" Bukara dahl, kulcha, one dessert. With wine and all service/taxes= £60/$90.

Additional Recommendations:
Delhi: Karim's in Nizzardin area of Delhi. Specialty of the house, Afgani chicken for two, as well as dil mutton, rice, naan and paratha. £18/$27.
Ma Momas at Dilli Haat Market. steamed chicken momos and chicken in chilli-garlic sauce =£12/$19.
The Embassy, Connaught Circle. Local's favourite. Homely, hardly a tourist haunt, 1950s decor.
Veg Jalfrezi/meat dahl/onion kulcha, veg rice =£25/$43.

Agra: Sanija Hotel and Rooftop Restaurant in the Taj Ganj. A backpacker hotel with a superb open rooftop view of the Taj Mahal. Food simple and cheap £8/$12 for 3 (we were taken there by our driver, who vouched for its cleanliness).
Indiana Restaurant: Behind the Fatenbad Road. Excellent meat or veg thalis for £12/$20 for two, including all taxes, etc.

Jaipur: The Samode Haveli - great atmosphere, smiling service, three days of terrific and varied Indian cusine. With wine, luxury taxes and service, average price was 2,200 rupees - £32/$50

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  1. It's impossible that you paid almost 1,000 INR for momos.... They should be around 40 INR a plate, even in Dili Haat! I really hope that they didn't charge you so much :( The rest is yum.... Glad to hear someone not singing the praises of the horribly overdone Peshawari/Bukara cliche....

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      You're right. I doubled up on this one. The momos were 125 rupees, I think - the chilli chicken was quite a bit more. Then there were two Indian lime sodas. It was more like £8/$12, after taxes and service sharges - all on top. As you imply, Dilli Haat is more up-market (Ha!) than the ordinary street versions, but Ma Momos attracts the biggest numbers there.