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Feb 12, 2012 11:25 PM

Custard Pie

I'm looking for a good custard pie preferably between San Mateo-Daly City if possible. Tried Nations but liked their banana cream pie better.


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  1. it has been years, but Pilgrim Kitchen in Belmont is good and they seem to be holding up. They make a nice banana cream too. Much better than Nation's all around.


      1. re: L C

        Again, haven't been there recently, but Heidi always seemed like a second rate Marie Callendars ... who years ago made a nice custard pie. i'm sorry whoever took them over screwed up things and they closed.

        Have you tried Pilgrim? For all I know Heidi has been thru changes over the years and much better these days.

        Tho, even when I was a customer at Heidi's they were better than Nations. Nation's problem is that crust. The fillings aren't bad for the most part.

          1. re: rworange

            Only tried the donuts at Pilgrim's.

            Heidi's hasn't changed much, other than the pies being more expensive.

        1. I'm not from the South Bay, but up here in San Fran...Chinese bakeries often do a custard pie...which at its' best is not thickened with cornstarch..just eggs and dairy and is not very sweet...just delicate..
          perhaps some "Southbayers' know of a place which match this description...

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            1. re: intomeat

              I haven't been to Chinatown recently..and when i am there I am inexorably drawn to Golden Gates "Dahn tarts" but the last place I went (also not recently... was Red House Bakery on San Bruno Ave. San Francisco. Do you have a favorite custard pie place to share? I hope!

              1. re: ChowFun_derek

                Used to go to Eastern Bakery on Grant. Haven't been for a while, though. Tried a few other places along Stockton, but not impressed. Lack of flavor (too much filler/starch?) Haven't tried Red House yet, but will do so soon.

                Eastern Bakery
                720 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108

            2. re: ChowFun_derek

              I think that the smaller Chinese custards (tarts) are made without dairy (not sure about the pies). I say this is because my mother was asking me about the newfangled egg custards WITH dairy. And when I was last at Clement Bakery and asked after the difference, they said the standard ones are made with water, not milk, which accounts for their lighter taste. So it may be a completely different custard pie than what you are after, although if you are familiar with egg custard tarts and like them, then you'll know what you're getting.

              1. re: rubadubgdub

                Interesting...water..I always thought that the 2 types of custard...the Hong Kong/Cantonese tart was influenced by the British...and the Macau ones from the Portuguese would include dairy...I thought the steamed savory custards would use broth of some those as well ...egg three ways or clam..etc...I just really like custards...I grew up with great coconut custard pies in NY but can't find those anywhere here...
                are you saying Clement Bakery has pies?...or were you referring to tarts?

                1. re: ChowFun_derek

                  It kind of makes sense that they use water because dairy is not common in Chinese food. If you do a side by side tasting of the custard tarts with and without dairy, the difference becomes apparent (the egg color for the dairy version is not as bright yellow either). I do know that savory custards are made with a light broth because that's how my grandmother made them. I don't think CB has custard pies, just very good egg custard tarts (not as good as GGB, of course).

                  Have you tried coconut flan (Cuban style but probably others too)? It has stayed in my mind as the best coconut custard taste ever, better than any pie. I believe they use evaporated and condensed milk.

                  1. re: ChowFun_derek

                    The Macau tarts has coconut milk instead of milk in the recipe I have seen in the past. But am not sure if others have milk.

                    Red house has a decent custard pie.

                    1. re: yimster

                      you taught me about Red House....are you are you aware of any other place in the city with good custard pies?

                      1. re: ChowFun_derek

                        I fear I do not. Had one from Red House a month ago and it was better than most still. But I think I may have to take up baking (not really).

                        1. re: yimster

                          Thanks for the suggestions. We usually picked up our pies at Marie Callendar's but with their closing I was at a loss. We thought of Chinatown but thought there were only the small tarts rather then a pie. Will look into the suggestions!