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Feb 12, 2012 09:41 PM

The Forge

I haven't been in years and not since they reopened. I really haven't had much desire to go, but recently I have heard good things. Is it worth checking out?

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  1. yes, I'd like to know too, been invited to a dinner there next month and wondered if it's worth the hour's trek each way.

    1. Not a huge fan of the food or the place. Good, not great. If you go with the idea that you will have a good meal, not necessarily mind blowing, you will probably thoroughly enjoy it. It is the Forge and pretention can abound. I had a perfectly pleasant meal with great service alone with my wife and I also had horrible, rude, upselling, plastered smile service when I went in a group of 9.

      Their legendary steak is probably in second place to Bourbon Steak, BLT Steak or even STK's choices. I'd go with the filet instead or another entree altogether (of which some are very good). They tried (succeeded?) selling us jumbo stone crab claws as colossal. Overall expensive. vibe is not my thing either. However, the bar is excellent. Great cocktails and an expansive wine-by-the-glass program. Be aware that they do not uncork.