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Feb 12, 2012 08:21 PM

Pacific natural foods

Does anyone know where they sell pacific natural foods, i would like to but some almond milk or soy milk, anyone know if loblaw or maxie sells them thanks.

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  1. I recommend Natur-a brand soy milk, which is made in Saint-Hyacinthe. They also make almond milk. It is available just about anywhere - Loblaws, Costco, IGA, Provigo, Maxi, Metro, and many depanneurs. It's in the Milk section; they also have a shelf-stable non-refrigerated soy and almond milk.

    Loblaws and Metro do sell Pacific Natural Foods products as well as Blue Diamond almond milk. They also have Pacific Natural Foods soy and almond milk at Bio Terre - and I expect at any health food store too like Rachelle-Béry etc.

    But Natur-a is a good local organic brand!

    1. Metro carries Pacific Foods soups, so they may indeed their their soy or almond milk.

      Supermarche PA also sells Pacific Foods products so they may be worthwhile to check out as well.

      1. I believe Fleur Sauvage on Monkland in NDG sells some of that brand. You could phone and ask?

        1. Sort of a related question...I recently had to limit my dairy intake and have been trying different alternatives in my morning latte. The best by far is a product made by Pacific, called Barista Blend. In my home machine it foams even better than milk and, more importantly it tastes great (I am normally not a fan of soy milk at all). It is very hard to find, though. Many places have other Pacific products but the only place I have found this stuff is Flocon, where they have it for $4 a box. I believe Myriade uses it in their soy drinks but don't think they sell it. Does anyone know of other places to buy it, or other worthy milk substitutes for a latte?

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            Good old Segall's, corner St-Laurent and Duluth, has several milk and cream alternatives at rock-bottom prices, but I haven't seen that one.

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              Have you tried So Nice barista blend? It foams really nicely and taste good. You can find it at And it will be delivered right to your door. Hope this helps.

            2. I too recommend Natura-a brand soy milk and also So Nice soy milk. Both pretty good tasting and organic.
              Another place you can find both these brands of soy milk is online at They are available in cases of 12 therefore you save per carton. And we deliver right to your door for $9.99. Hope this helps. Give Natur-a or So Nice a try, you might like or even love them.