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Feb 12, 2012 08:14 PM

Exquisite and Exciting Meal in Washington, DC - Restaurant Nora or Fiola?

My friend and I have been taking each other out for great meals for our birthday for years. We've been to many of the best restaurants in Washington - Komi, Restaurant Eve, 2941, Citronelle, CityZen and Obilisk, to name a few. I'm trying to decide where to go this year. What do you think - Restaurant Nora or Fiola? We like restaurants with great food, but also innovative, and knowledgeable staff. Other recommendations very welcome.

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  1. Sadly, Restaurant Nora has offered neither exquisite nor exciting meals for at least five years. Fiola definitely would be an appealing option. Others to consider: Marcel's and Blue Duck Tavern (the new chef is already getting very positive reviews).

    1. Agree on Nora (except I might emphasize the "at least"). Corduroy (and the obligatory Rasika recc.) might also be worth considering.

      1. Fiola for sure. Not even close.

          1. re: ktmoomau

            A dissenting view on Nora: I had a lovely meal there about 10 months ago. Excellent service, beautiful (and tasty) preparations, great wine list. I can't compare Nora to Fiola (bc I've not been to the latter), but for my money, Nora was first rate.

            1. re: lawhound

              I agree with lawhound. I was just at Nora last weekend... the food was innovative, fresh, and delicious. I haven't been to Fiola, so I can't compare.