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South Lake Tahoe Good Eats

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We're just back from a 10-day trip with the hot air balloon, ranging from Minden, NV to Yreka, CA--big fun. We spent a couple of days at The Lake, as it is known locally, and discovered a new, excellent spot.

Years ago, I worked a summer at Camp Richardson, an older resort on the Emerald Bay Road. Just down the road toward the "Y" was a root beer stand with huge mug on a pole for its sign (pretty tasty on a hot day, as I recall). Fast forward 30+ years--The mug is now painted with a big artichoke and the name, "Bountiful Cafe."

We had 2 lunches at Bountiful, and as we left the area, Elise was saying "we should have eaten every meal there!" (this from a woman who I have to almost dynamite out of the house to go out to eat generally--she is a better cook than 95% of all restaurant chefs and has food allergies that make dining out tricky). Of particular note was the carrot-ginger soup, with plenty of fresh grated ginger--gingery, but not so much that the carrot flavor was overpowered. I ate 2 bowls at one sitting. The signature dish is a salad topped with a steamed & grilled artichoke that Elise raved about.

Bountiful is on the California side of south shore, on the Emerald Bay road just north of the Y--I think at about 11th Street.

Comming soon, Dunsmuir, CA.

Link: http://webpages.ainet.com/gosner/syri...

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