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Feb 12, 2012 06:08 PM

Lunches in Napa and Carneros

We are looking for quick but tasty lunches for our trip to Napa next weekend. We would like a quick lunch that won't take too much time from our wine tasting plans, as we'll be having larger dinners (FARM at Carneros Inn and Cyrus in Healdsburg). Any suggestions very much appreciated! We have already been to Oakville Grocery and Gott's Roadside several times, so would like to try something new. We'd be ok with going to something like a food truck/taco stand but I'm not sure about locations and opening times.

On Sunday, we'll be in the Silverado Trail area somewhere between Oakville/St. Helena/Yountville around lunchtime. On Monday, we'll likely be around the Carneros area or near the Sonoma Square at lunch time. We've thought about just picking something up at the Sonoma Whole Foods but that isn't very exciting!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. For a quick lunch on sunday, you could grab a burrito at La Luna in Rutheford, a sandwich at Napa Style(behing Bottega) in Yountville, or in Napa the Oxbow market has numerous quick lunch options inside the actual building or outside the fatted calf has great sandwiches, usually a soup and good charcuterie. And if you like Dim Sum the lux truck is parked across the street from Fatted Calf in an empty parking lot. You can bring your own wine and buy a Go Vino glass from them.

    1. if you are planning to eat in Sonoma, then you should consider El Molina Central. Their Mexican food is outstanding. They are on the North end of Sonoma, on Hwy can't miss it.

      1. God no to Sonoma Whole Foods which is really sucky. It is one of my least favorite Whole Foods.

        I love the Epicurean Connection which you might find perfect

        If you want to do a market, Sonoma Market trumps Whole Foods and there are a few tables in the coffee area ... it is not a linger cafe type of joint but if you want to sit it is good

        Fremont Diner is a little out of town on the road into Sonoma from Napa but it is pretty great as well

        Oxbow Public Market has a gourmet food court, so to speak. My favorite is C Casa which has rotisserie duck and chicken and innovative tacos.

        There are two gourmet food trucks - Marks the Spot which is worth a trip to Napa, IMO. Get the duck wings. They are at the Napa Farmers Market near Oxbow on Saturday, but check the website

        Crossroads Chicken is a truck with a wood-fired oven. They are usually at JV liquor on Saturday which is near Oxbow. They have some of the best sandwiches I have ever had. The come out wonderfully crispy from the wood-fired oven. Salads are great. The cheesecake of the day is fabulous. The owner's wife makes them. I think the working title of her business is going to be Slap Your Mama Cheesecake. It is cupcake size but at $3 is less and way tastier than the over rated Karas in Oxbow.

        The only problem with Crossroads Chicken is the chicken. They brine it and use Mary's air chilld chicken. For my own personal tastes this doesn't work. Brined chicken creates an off texture. However the wood-fired oven gives it an almost smoked chicken taste. I still can't get over the texture. Love their other sandwiches.

        I'll give you the facebook link on this one as that is where the current menu and location is and trying to navigate to it takes a bit of effort if you start from their website or elsewhere. It is best though to call them to confirm.

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          Thanks for the great suggestions. I'll report back and let you know which places we end up trying.